Sunken Ship

A ship that has been completely rotted by sea water, lying on a bed of precious Gollade pearls. Now the sunken ship is guarded by the bloodthirsty Captain Hagar Claw  [8] and his sailors, who have risen from the dead.



Recommended level: 6 and above

Visit length: up to 6 hours

Visit frequency: every 3 days




After killing Captain Hagar Claw [8] , you can obtain a unique artefact - Dead Rum and increase your Juggernaut reputation.


If you take the Dead Rum to Gredeya the Witch or Brugilda the Sorceress, they will exchange it for Quicksilver. The quantity of Quicksilver will directly depend on Juggernaut reputation growth.




Treasure Map


After defeating Captain Hagar Claw [8] , you will have the chance to obtain map fragments. When you collect 4 different fragments you can put them together to make a map that will show you where the treasure is hidden.




After activating the map in the necessary location and killing Pirate Spirit , you will obtain Pirate chest and 5 cells in the chest at Coral Reef.


Note! You can only assemble the map once.




Monsters and Rewards


Monster Reward


Skeleton Sailor [7]






Captain’s Helper [8]


Deep Sea Shell


Superbeings Reward


Captain Hagar Claw [8]



Gollade pearl

A Relict Fossil

Dead Rum



Should the conditions for the instance change, the relevant information will be added to this page.

We hope you enjoy the game.





Last updated: April 2021




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