Mithril Chests
Mithril Chests are invaluable treasures of Faeo. These ancient chests are given to warriors for their victory over monsters and participation in various events.

However, to look at what is under the strong covers of such chests, you will need special keys called Mithril Keys. You can obtain the keys by fighting with different monsters, participating in events such as “December - Winter Time in Faeo” in return for magic snowflakes or buying them in the Premium Shop.

In order to reach the Premium Shop, you should click on the Bank icon on the top menu and select the “Premium Shop” tab. It can then be found in the “Misc” section.

Guaranteed Prizes


Having opened the chest, you are guaranteed to receive a Celebration Punch of the appropriate level, several fair elixirs and one of the following prizes:

Additional Prizes


Warriors! Time to start hunting for Mithril Chests and receive the rewards awaiting for you!


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