Tailsime Protectors
Available: from Level 16. No restrictions.
Initiates:  Tiu Mia or  Lea Miu.
Tailsime, whose mighty roots go deep under the earth and the spreading branches cast shadows on the most distant places of the Meridian edge, for a long time is protecting the inhabitants of these lands. But curiosity and foolish greed of strangers destroyed the sacred tree, allowing the most terrible creatures to sneak inside it. Creepy monsters are drawing out the life-giving force from Tailsime, draining it day by day and depriving the magical energy of the tree spirits, who were created to protect the tree.
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Attention! Tailsime Root can be obtained in the instance «The Great Maurin Tree»!
Maurins know, that in order to save the sacred tree is needed to constantly waken the power of the tree spirits, saturating their weightless bodies with primal energy. And those, who will take to perform this difficult task, have the right to call themselves Tailsime Protectors. Going through the dangerous path from the roots to the very top, Protectors fight with insidious monsters and search the stashes for unique items, that retains the primal magic of Tailsime. After getting all the elements, brave warriors, with help of magical scroll of maurin race, ignite them, and the magical fire releases the energy, that is necessary for the tree spirits.
You can obtain the scrolls of fire at Tiu Mia and Lea Miu in exchange for the resources required by them.

Obtaining Reputation




(50) up to 500

(50) up to 1000

(50) up to 2000

(50) up to 2500

(50) up to 3000



Instance bosses




+50 reputation of Tailsime Protectors (up to 500)

+50 reputation of Tailsime Protectors (up to 1000)

+50 reputation of Tailsime Protectors (up to 2000)

+50 reputation of Tailsime Protectors (up to 2500)

+50 reputation of Tailsime Protectors (up to 3000)
During the ritual with magical flame, Tailsime Protectors have to go through the attacks of entire blocks of powerful monsters. Fighting the monsters, Protectors with a small probability can extract the small particles of destructive energy – the auras of darkness, whose presence proves the skill and courage of the Protector. The auras of darkness can be exchanged for reputation points at the leaders of pride.


You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 2 sparks will give you 50 reputation points.



Reputation and rewards












Reviving the energy of the spirits-protectors and at the same time saving the tree from dying, step by step you will be raising this reputation, which will let you obtain magical manuscripts with combat spells, unique pets and mounts. 


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