Destroyers of Chaos

The Battalion of Destroyers of Chaos award reputation points to players of level 5 and above. Players must have access to the Isles of Fay-Go. Players must be initiated into the Battalion by  Captain Bakhasha and  Rukham the Guard.





What makes a Destroyer of Chaos? The Battalion is a group of courageous warriors who defend the world of Faeo from the spawn of Chaos. The brave soldiers, Bakhasha and Rukham, form the core of this faction, fate having chosen for them the path to the Isles of Fay-Go just as they were occupied by the forces of Chaos. From that day on they have kept watch at their Outposts, using all their strength in a valiant attempt to keep in check the hated enemy's onslaught, risking their lives and using any means possible.

It is a problem which has long worried the great dragons, Striagorn and Erifarius who, as the heads of the respective races, lead the war against Chaos themselves. They are ready to offer incentives to any hero, who dares to challenge the powerful and bloodthirsty forces of Chaos.




You can increase the reputation of Destroyers of Chaos by using the appropriate Destroyer of Chaos Fibula, participating in Chaotic battles.



Destroyer of Chaos Fibula can only be used in Scorched lands before the beginning of the Chaotic Battle. 
In case of victory in this battle you will get 10 points of reputation of Destroyers of Chaos, and in case of defeat only 3 points. 

Number of uses: 1.  
Duration: until the end of the Chaotic battle, but no more than 24 hours. 

To use the Destroyer of Chaos Fibula, you need at least 500 points of reputation of the Destroyers of Chaos. Each Destroyer of Chaos Fibula allows you to increase the reputation of up to 2000 points for warriors of level 5-6, up to 2800 points for warrior of level 7-8 and up to 3000 points for warriors from level 9.




Raising the reputation is also available with the item Spark of Heavenly Fires. You can hand it over to the NPC who is dedicated to this reputation. 1 Spark of Heavenly Fires gives 200 points of reputation.

Attention!  Here are the restrictions on getting the reputation:
Completed quests «Long-awaited help» or «Long-awaited assistance»
For levels 5 and 6: Reputation can be increased up to 2000 points
For levels 7 and 8: Reputation can be increased up to 2800 points



Gungl Hunt


Monsters to hunt


(1) up to 500

(1) up to 1000

(1) up to 1500

(1) up to 2000





Chaos Invasion Event




(10) up to 500

(10) up to 1000

(10) up to 1500


(10) up to 2000

(10) up to 2200

(10) up to 2500

(10) up to 2800

(10) up to 3000

(15) up to 3000

(50) up to 3000





Battle Trophies



Received for


Killing an UyarrMO Exile.

(20) up to 2000

Very low probability

when killing a GunglXO Inspector.

(20) up to 2500

Low probability

when killing a GunglXO Inspector.

(10) up to 2500




Rewards accessible in the Arsenal 

















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