Plateau of Scorpions

This is a barren plateau that is the final resting place for mages that make a fatal mistake during one of the sacred rituals, and also for their loyal followers. A cave at the entrance to the plateau is the home of the Emperor Scorpion [11] , the strongest of his race. On the plateau itself you can find a unique obelisk, which endows travellers with the experience of souls that were defeated by them on the plateau.



Recommended level: 9 and above

Visit length: up to 6 hours

Visit frequency: every 4 days




Dangerous Pet -accessible from level 11  
This  quest can be received  from  Arnica the Rider or  Orfin the Beastmaster.



After killing the  Emperor Scorpion  [11] , you can obtain a unique artefact -   Emperor Scorpion Bile   and increase Juggernaut reputation.


If you take the Emperor Scorpion Bile to   Gredeya the Witch  or   Brugilda the Sorceress , they will exchange it for Quicksilver. The quantity of Quicksilver will directly depend on Juggernautreputation growth.




Monsters and Rewards


Monster Reward


Large Scorpion [9]





King Scorpion [10]





Superbeings Reward


Emperor Scorpion [11]



A Relict Fossil

Emperor Scorpion Bile


Ring of Hidden Anger

Ring of Hidden Fortune

Ring of Weak Suppression

Ring of Weak Reflection

Ring of Weak Insight


Ring of Anger

Ring of Fortune

Ring of Suppression

Ring of Reflection

Ring of Insight


Ring of Irrepressible Anger

Ring of Great Fortune

Ring of Strong Suppression

Ring of Intense Reflection

Ring of Strong Insight


Amulet of Hidden Anger

Amulet of Hidden Fortune

Amulet of Weak Suppression

Amulet of Weak Reflection

Amulet of Weak Insight


Amulet of Anger

Amulet of Fortune

Amulet of Suppression

Amulet of Reflection

Amulet of Insight


Amulet of Irrepressible Anger

Amulet of Great Fortune

Amulet of Strong Suppression

Amulet of Strong Reflection

Amulet of Strong Insight



Should the conditions for the instance change, the relevant information will be added to this page.






In the Dead Crater location, there is an Obelisk that you can use to gain additional experience.


Only one member of the group can touch it, and only once during the lifetime of the instance.



For the obelisk to work, you must kill at least one mob of level 11+ (scorpions are not suitable). Depending on the number of monsters killed, the amount of experience given out will vary (so for one Spirit Worker they will give 500 experience).


Maximum experience (10,000) can be obtained by completely clearing the Spirit Plateau and Dead Crater.





Good experience! You can't have too much experience! My experience is my wealth! All experience in one stroke! 
Death of Emperor Scorpion Emperor Scorpion hunter Emperor Scorpion headhunter 



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