So, you have acquired one of the supplementary professions, which allows you to cause your enemies injuries, weakening their battle abilities and forcing them to shudder at the very mention of your name! Congratulations! Have you asked yourself what you need to do, how you can develop your abilities? Read on, and find out.


Acquiring the profession:

The first thing you need to know is that you must be level 6 if you want to acquire the Executioner profession.

Magmars must visit the Black Knight and Humans Agonnyy the Mad to receive the quest which you must complete to earn the Executioner profession:

Black KnightAgonnyy the Mad


Once you have completed the quest, you are ready to start your professional career as an Executioner. What essential facts does a novice Executioner need to know?


General information:

The Executioner profession is a 'passive' ability. In other words, an Executioner does not have to doing anything special to try and increase their skill level. The ability to inflict an injury works by itself with varying levels of certainty depending on the skill level when killing an opponent. Executioner skill does not increase by killing wraiths or game monsters. You only have a chance of increasing your skill level by killing other players.

If your skill works, then your opponent will receive an injury equivalent to your skill level and you will see the following message in the chat: Your Executioner skill level has increased by +1.


Obviously, the main aim of an Executioner in the game is inflicting injury on others. What is an injury exactly? Injuries will temporarily reduce a player's effectiveness in battle and at work. The enemy will lose one part of their armour and acquire an injury symbol, weakening their battle attributes. 


At the moment, there are several levels of injury available in the game. Novice Exectuioners can only expect to inflict level 1 injuries, but the level of severity increases as your skill level increaes.



As already mentioned, the Executioner profession is a passive ability and there are no special tools provided for causing injuries. However, there are items in the game which can substantially increase the chance of inflicting an injury. These are:


1. Executioner potions:



These potions increase the probability of inflicting an injury. However, they only work for a short period of time - 30 minutes at most.


2. Scrolls of attack:



These scrolls even allow you to attack members of your own race and thus increase your chance of inflicting an injury in battles initiated by you.


3. Bringers of Evil arsenal:



Some items from the Bringers of Evil arsenal can also substantially increase the chance of injuring an opponent.


4. Armour:

Armour sets from the Underground Knights arsenal also possess certain qualities which can increase the possibility of causing an injury.


Good luck in your professional development!


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