Available from level 8, after completing the Brave New World quest, which can be received from Demonologists  Berrush and  I-Vidi.



Demonologists I-Vidi and Berrush have decided to put an end to the rule of Poisedopus by opening a portal to the world of Chaos. But will you be able to get there? And what awaits you if you decide to go through the magic portal? One thing is clear: you should grip your sword tight - it will not go unused! After all, you are destined to descend into an endless interweaving of underground passages, full of dangerous enemies and clever traps.



The Labyrinth


The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon, which means that each of your passages will be slightly different from the previous one. It is designed for solo passage and consists of 101 floors, each of which, in turn, is divided into chambers. The type of chambers and their numbers are chosen randomly. Only one thing remains constant - in the deepest depths of the Labyrinth, the Throne Room of the Cursed Queen will await you.



When you first enter the Labyrinth, the instance copy will be available for 30 days (the availability can be checked through /instinfo). The Labyrinth is constantly changing, both whenever you create a new copy of the dungeon and occasionally during the excursion; once you leave a chamber, you can never return to it. This means that all the maps that exist in this world are useless. Instead, you must rely on your instinct, which will tell you the current floor you are on, as well as the approximate number of chambers on the floor.

In most of the chambers you will have to fight against mad Labyrinth explorers and various creatures of Celeste.





If you are lucky after defeating the creatures you can obtain Crystallized Ash or Lucky Coin Fragment. The amount of Crystallized Ash you receive depends on the level of your Labyrinth Explorers reputation:


Reputation Crystallized Ash
Less than 500 1
Medal of Recognition 1 - 2
Medal of Friendship 1 - 3
Medal of Respect 2 - 4
Medal of Honor 3 - 5
Medal of Worship 4 - 5


No more than 500 pcs of Crystallized Ash can be obtained in a single instance.



Labyrinth Bosses


The biggest dangers within the Labyrinth are the bosses - the guardians of this cursed place, as well as the most terrifying soldiers within Celeste's army. A fight with one of them (at random) awaits you at the end of every fifth floor. On the 101st floor you will be able to fight against Cursed Queen Celeste. No bosses will appear on the 100th floor.

The bosses use various effects in combat, which makes every fight an exciting challenge. In addition to their unique effects, each boss has the abilities Immunity to Stunning and Shackles of Powerlessness.



Labyrinth Bosses





Vision of Poisedopus


Hard Memories

Tskar, Lord of the Elements


Spiting All the Elements

Custodian of Life


Not a Single Guardian was Harmed

Ghostly Commander Ulf


Ghost Hunter

Royal Huntsman Elgar


And Take Your Dogs Too!

Black Dragon Oruzd


No Place for Dragons Here

Monster of the Cathedral


The Final Prayer

Sister Helda


Six Hands Busy

Sister Cora


Sister Ilse


Resurrected Shaissar


Turn the Noise Down!

Guardian of the Labyrinth


Two Heads are Good, None is Better!

Spirit of the Krath Shaman


And Never Come Back Again!

Labyrinth Golem


Crystal Ringing

The Maw

The feast is over!

Heart of Nightmare


Cardiac Surgery

Animated Armor


This Should Be in the Museum!

Chaos Mage


Now All is in Order



Setting on the Right Path

Underground Scorpion


The Chitin Nut is Cracked

Dark Dragon Twin


Two in One Swing!

Light Dragon Twin


Cursed Queen Celeste


Twice Toppled

For additional information and guidance on Labyrinth Bosses, please click here.



After defeating a boss, you will receive a Relic of Heliordor, which you can hand in to Flynn to receive 10 reputation points and randomly  50,  1,  5 or  10.



Within 10 minutes of killing a boss, you can use a Lucky Coin (you don’t have to be in the same location) to receive all the loot from the fight again, including another Relic of Heliordor. The coin can be used only once for each boss killed and it disappears after use.

The coin can be obtained by assembling 10 Lucky Coin Fragments, three of them can also be purchased in the Tavern Shop - one for  25, one for  10 and one for 15 Crystallized Ash.




"Celeste's Nightmare"


It has been found that most of the bosses of the labyrinth were so strong that they have already been weakened before being introduced into the game. However, we would like to see the bravest warriors challenge the bosses as they were originally intended. Of course, as a reward for completing the new mode, they will receive additional rewards, including Crystallized Ash, which is not included in the monthly limit for ash received in the labyrinth.

In Celeste's Nightmare, you will have to face stronger versions of your usual enemies, and the time for combat is often limited. The negative effects you receive in battle will also change:

  • In the new mode, we have decided to abandon the Joining of the elements effect:
  • The mechanics by which the effects are triggered will be the same, and will be similar to how Hidden Fear works now - you will receive charges of a debuff effect, and after reaching a certain value you will receive an increased debuff effect;
  • A new negative effect will be added to the new mode - Death , ignoring which will result in, as the name suggests, the warrior's inevitable death;
  • New resistances will help you deal with negative effects by increasing the number of charges you can receive without harming yourself. You can now increase resistances using items from the new Labyrinth collections!
  • The "Smoke that Dispels Nightmares" quest is available to players with at least 1000 Labyrinth Explorers Reputation from the Seers Bludiara and Maritsa in the Thistle Brushwood and Settlement of Angrukhon;
  • You gain access to the "Blessing with Dynamite" quest during the " Smoke that Dispels Nightmares" quest;




Auxiliary items


There are various items which can help you on your adventure. Flynn will offer you a Torch - use it and you will not be afraid of the Labyrinth’s Gloom.

In Ergam's Tavern Shop you can also purchase Improvisers: mysterious devices which will help you in battles against Labyrinth’s bosses.



During the exploration of the Labyrinth you will also be able to find some rare items from Ergam’s black market:



One of Ergam’s merchants has risked coming down after you, bringing with him some of those rare goods. He will offer you 4 randomly selected packages of 5 of those goods for  5 (you can only buy each package once).

You can also find a mysterious chest - you can simply search it, but you may wish to use a Torch or Rusty Key. The chest may have been looted a long time ago, but with luck you might find one of the following items:


Mystery Chest

Item Quantity   Item Quantity   Item Quantity
1 - 2 1 - 4 1 - 5
1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 5
1 - 3 1 - 5 1 - 5
    1 - 5 1 - 5


However, be wary - if you do not use a torch you may stumble into A trap!




Please note: enemies will not appear in chambers with a chest or a merchant.



Statues of an unknown woman


While exploring the Labyrinth you can stumble upon an ancient statue.



You can choose to ignore it and continue your journey, but you can also stop to pray or make an offering - a Torch, a Rusty Key or one of the rare items from Ergam’s black market. The statue can either bless you with one of the special effects or callings, ignore you or, if she rejects your offering altogether, curse you with the Stranger Lady's Curse. The effects will only work in the current copy of the Labyrinth.

Please note: enemies will not appear in chambers with a statue.

Stacking effects:



Non-stacking effects:




You can have only one calling. If you are unhappy with your calling, you can remove it using Renunciation Elixir (purchasable in the Tavern Shop or from individual promotions). You can also obtain a calling by using Curio of an Unknown Woman, which can be received from special promotions.






Your maximum life level and damage are reduced by 10%. If you obtain Relic of Heliordor, there is a chance you will obtain one more such item.



In battle you have a chance to instantly execute the enemy if their health does not exceed 10% of the maximum. Execute restores 40% of your maximum life force. Works one time per battle and has no effect against bosses.


You deal 25% more damage if you are not blocking. If you are defending yourself, you inflict only 25% damage. With each blow you lose health in the amount of 5% of damage dealt.


You are silenced in battle. Damage dealt by you is increased by 100%.


During battle, you have a chance to perform a fancy trick, causing your Strength, Wisdom, maximum health or critical hit chance to go up by 15%. Activates one time per fight.

Living Corpse

If you die in battle, you are immediately resurrected with 10% health and receive an effect that increases damage dealt by 300% for 30 seconds. If you do not reach your maximum health within the duration of the effect, you die without being able to be revived by this ability again in the current battle. This effect can only be triggered once every 1200 seconds and cannot be triggered if you were the last survivor of your team.

Necrosis no longer reduces damage. However, the reduction in defence and maximum health has been increased to 55%.


You cannot use healing potions and scrolls. Crimson Roc's Gift will have no effect . Instead, your life is increased by 30%.


Now Joining of the elements will only affect you if you have 3 or more different elemental effects on you at the same time.







Passing from chamber to chamber, you can sometimes hear a Haunting Echo. You will receive an achievement every time you hear a new echo message.


The Oath The Hunt has Begun Soul Mates United with the Altar Glance into the Past

Betrayal Punished for Pride A Plea for Help Perturbation

Wait and Listen



The transformation of the labyrinth



By participating in various events in the world of Faeo, you will be able to receive valuable items. They will be of great interest to Gelamber the Chronicler. When you hand in all 9 different items, he will reward you with Scroll: The Transformation of the Labyrinth.



A New Acquaintance The Beginning is Half the Battle Page by Page The Messenger on Foot Half a Book Behind Rewriting History Friends Forever


Gelamber's Collection Items





Game Anniversary 20
Magic Clover 10
Crossed Swords 75
Trading Journey

(The final price may be different depending on the number of wins and defeats in the event.)
Fury of the Dragons Reward for quest «Massacre on the Plateau of Silence»
Snow Games One of the following:

Terrifying experiment 55
Faeo under the control of Darkness 50
Otherworld Championship Received with the first use of Fan Sphere








Items available in the Tavern Shop

0 -





Holders of the Medal of Worship for exploring the Labyrinth now have access to the new "Chat with Flynn" dialogue in “The Last Abode” Tavern. Thanks to this dialogue, you can change the reward for the quest "Glory of the Underground Explorer" from gold to Crystallized Ash and vice versa. You can change the reward in this way once every 30 days.



Style items


The style items sets can be acquired from a quest which becomes available after obtaining Labyrinth Explorers' Medal of Worship. The quest can be completed 3 times, allowing players to collect all 3 sets of style jewllery.





Set bonus (with 2 items)

Gift of the Confessor set

When fighting in combat, you will have a chance to summon the Spirit of Dawn or the Spirit of Dusk. When you defeat the Spirit of Dawn, you will regain 50% of maximum life force. After defeating the Spirit of Dusk, you will deal damage to all opponents, equal to 10% of maximum life force. Bosses will only take half the damage from this effect.

This effect only works in Ergam
Regalia of the Penitent set

When fighting in combat, you will have a chance to release the Flame of Dawn, which will burn one of your enemies 8 times, each inflicting 10 damage points. If it hits an ordinary opponent, there's a chance that they will be stunned for 3 seconds or lose health over 30 seconds, equal to 10% of maximum life force.

This effect only works in Ergam
The Marauder’s Tools set

If your health drops to 10% or less during the battle, you will instantly regain 30% of your maximum life force. The effect can only be activated once per battle.

This effect only works in Ergam





Two additional quests are available to warriors: "Smoke that Dispels Nightmares" and "Blessing with Dynamite". Completing them will not only give you valuable rewards, but also access to new goods in the Labyrinth Explorers shop.







Now, when you kill bosses in the labyrinth, you will receive collectibles. There are 20 collectibles in total, one for each boss. Collecting one of them will give you a chest in which you can find some valuable items, a new Transformation Elixir or one of the new type items that will be useful to you in the future.






Stranger in a Strange Land It isn’t Empty After All! New Talent

A Step in the Dark Step by Step Immersion Only Downwards Fifty Levels of Darkness and Fear

A Spark in the Dark Buried Alive Finding Your Way by Touch In the Heart of Darkness Alone in the Dark

Recognition of the Labyrinth Explorers Friendship of the Labyrinth Explorers Respect of the Labyrinth Explorers Honor of the Labyrinth Explorers Worship of the Labyrinth Explorers

Warrior’s heart behind the mask of an Underground Scorpion Warrior’s heart behind the mask of a Chaos Mage Warrior’s heart behind the mask of Ghostly Commander Ulf Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Forsaken Warrior’s heart behind the mask of Resurrected Shaissar

Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Custodian of Life Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Dark Dragon Twin Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Light Dragon Twin Warrior’s heart behind the mask of Black Dragon Oruzd Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Guardian of the Labyrinth

Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Nightmare Heart Warrior’s heart behind the mask of a Labyrinth Golem Warrior’s heart behind the mask of an Animated Armor Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Maw Warrior’s heart behind the mask of the Vision of Poisedopus

Warrior's heart behind the mask of Tskar Lord of the Elements  Warrior's heart behind the mask of Spirit of Kratkh the Shaman Warrior's heart behind the mask of a Sister of Perdition Warrior's heart behind the mask of the Monster of the Cathedral Warrior's heart behind the mask of Royal Huntsman Elgar

Warrior's heart behind the mask of Cursed Queen Celeste Warrior's heart behind the mask of the Cursed Queen of Ergam Full House Blessed Be Dynamite! Celeste, I’ll Get You...

The Mint Got a Light? A Wet Affair All up in the air! Earthworm

No Need to Be Afraid Hunting in the Dark Rest in Peace Was Yours, Now Ours 



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