Bog Elf Swamp

An ancient swamp, engulfed in an aura of mystery as thick as a fog. A labyrinth of criss-crossing paths and passages, along which evil venomous monsters race. According to rumours, it is here that the terrible spawn of the ancient power of the swamp - the Bog Elf [9] .


Recommended level: 8 and above

Visit length: up to 12 hours

Visit frequency: every 3 days


Quests and reputation


The Boastful Admirer - available from level 9

You can get this quest from Amelie or Layla.


After killing the Bog Elf [9] , you can obtain a unique artefact - Swamp Heart Flower and increase Juggernaut reputation.



If you take the Swamp Heart Flower to Gredeya the Witch or Brugilda the Sorceress , they will exchange it for Quicksilver. The quantity of Quicksilver will directly depend on Juggernaut reputation growth.




Monsters and Rewards


Monster Reward


Arboris Fungus [9]



Shizka Mushrooms

Red Toadstool

Gloomy Toadstool



Caustic Kakurt [9]




Caustic Phitzell [10]




Superbeings Reward


Bog Elf [9]


A Relict Fossil

Swamp Heart Flower



Should the conditions for the instance change, the relevant information will be added to this page.

We hope you enjoy the game.





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