The city of the humans is on the continent of Ogriy. It lies in the picturesque valley of the river Zarat, where boundless green spaces are filled with bright sunlight. The city’s architecture has clear-cut lines, most of its edifices are of white and grey stone. In the central square stands a stone structure of religious significance outwardly resembling a well. History tells us that this is the mysterious source of the Human’s magic. On the Street of Eternity stands the Mighty Tower, a tall spire with the flag of O’Del'vays on top.


   The overall aspect of the city suggests that its inhabitants value beauty, yet at the same time are not impractical. The atmosphere of O’Del'vays is not one of aggression, but gives the impression that it is ready for combat and well able to repel an enemy.



    The city of the Magmars lies at the foot of the Bloodthirsty Monster volcano on the continent of Khair. It exudes death and instils fear, as if it were built from other creatures’ lives. A high, inaccessible wall of black stone separates the city from the outside world, while a moat of red hot lava makes it unassailable and protects it from enemy attack.


    Dartrong is covered by a dark blanket of heavy cloud which sunlight does not penetrate. The only plants that grow are sparse, leafless trees with black, charred-looking trunks. The only animals are bats, which dart about the streets of Dartrong at night emitting spine-chilling cries. The air is filled with an ominous tension and the smell of blood.



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