Chaotic Battles
Every warrior dreams of the glory of the true hero, steeled in the forge of cruel battles. An excellent way to prove one's superiority in battle is to cross blades in the Chaotic Battles, where the boldest fighters of  Ogriy and  Khair meet.
After you have agreed to take part in this fight, you will enter the location "Scorched Earth". After some time, the battle is formed, which is held according to the principle of "wall against wall" and not according to racial distribution, i.e. in each duel Humans can fight against Humans and Magmars against Magmars. At the end of the battle, you return to the location from which you arrived at Scorched Earth.
Chaotic battles take place every day according to the following schedule:
5 minutes before the start of the battle, you will receive an invitation in the chat, which you must confirm by following the link provided or by pressing the "Confirm participation" button in the Chaotic Battles interface. Remember that you cannot participate in the battle if you leave the location before the battle begins. Also, you may not use teleports or cast negative effects on other warriors in this location.
IMPORTANT: 1 minute before the start of the battle, all combatants gathered in the Scorched Earth are completely blocked and cannot perform any actions.
Before the start of the battle, the warriors are automatically divided into two teams regardless of their race. For the battle to begin, 10 fighters are needed - otherwise all participants return to the locations they were in before teleporting to Scorched Earth.
 The following rules apply in the Chaotic Battles:
1. coefficient experience in win/loss - 100/66;
2. coefficient of valour in victory/defeat - 200/150;
3. all wounds are removed from the warrior immediately after the end of the fight;
4. in combat it is forbidden to use summons, mounts and the Own Shadow .


Last updated: August 2022



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