The Magmars


   The Magmars are beings from the World of Faeo who, according to legend, emerged from the depths of a volcano. They live on the continent of Khair. They are the colour of molten rock, and have volcanic lava in their veins.

   They are distinguished by their exceptional physical prowess and strength of spirit. The Magmar army is a vast destructive force with a high level of discipline. The Magmars make excellent warriors; they are brave, desperate and have great powers of endurance. They were endowed with magic in the process of their creation, their magic residing in the Rod of Fire.
The principal bearer of magic and master of the Rod of Fire was the powerful Andelvan, who perished at the hands of an assassin before he could teach the others to wield the magic power, and the rod itself was cut into pieces and lost its magic properties. Thus for the present, the magic remains a mysterious and unknown force to the Magmars. For them, the battle against Chaos is a matter of honour.

They are sure of their own invulnerability. The Magmars are embodied by the Great Dragon, Striagorn, who was created by the goddess Sheara from the energy of their race.







The Humans



    The Humans are beings from the World of Faeo who are endowed with the powers of reason, free will and human speech. They live on the continent of Ogriy.
By nature they are neither aggressive nor warlike, but in the course of events have taken part in wars and have even excelled in them. In strength and strategy their army is matched only by that of the Magmars.
   They have no ancestral knowledge of magic, but have the potential and ability to be able to handle magic, to master it and to pass their knowledge on to subsequent generations.
   Alchemists, practitioners of black magic and sorcerers of all kinds with a passion for the occult arts, cabbalism, the search for the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life, toil in their laboratories night and day, uncovering the secrets of magic.
   The Humans regard the battle against the servants of Chaos as their main purpose in life, their mission.  The Humans are embodied by the Great Dragon, Erifarius, created by the goddess Sheara from the energy of the race of Humans.


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