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About Features

Premium account gives players a number of additional features, that can be useful in their difficult military life. Lets consider these features and benefits.

Obtaining methods

Premium account can be obtained in two ways – by exchanging rubies or diamonds. In this case, Premium is a bonus for this exchange. You don't have to spend money to purchase it, you get it as a reward for fulfilling a certain condition – exchange.

How to get rubies


Rubies can be found in Reward caskets, which you can obtain for participating in a number of daily «Activities».

Exchange of diamonds and rubies


Enter the number of rubies or diamonds in the appropriate window and click «Exchange».



The scale, located above, will be filled with appropriate amount of a given value.


Premium will be valid from the moment of exchange until the end of the calendar month. On the 1st day of the new month, at 00:00 server time, Premium will stop giving bonuses till the next exchange of the funds and the process of «accumulation» will start from the beginning again.



There are 5 types of Premium: «gray» (bonus after swapping 5 diamonds/rubies), «green» (bonus after swapping 15 diamonds/rubies), «blue» (bonus after swapping 50 diamonds/rubies), «purple» (bonus after swapping 150 diamonds/rubies) and «red» (bonus after swapping 250 diamonds/rubies).



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