Sleeping Spirits


At times, the boundaries to the World of Dreams become so subtle that the wandering spirits of sleeping warriors (the characters of those players who have not visited the game for a long time) are able to accidentally overcome them and find themselves awake among magmars and humans.



“Each spirit is called the same name as that of its sleeping owner, which belongs to it. It is also of the same level with all the combat skills corresponding to that level.


Whilst hunting, you can meet these spirits and even fight with them. Remember that the spirits of sleeping warriors are strong opponents who will bravely fight despite the illusory nature of their bodies. 

Different in strength spirits inhabit the various lands of the world of Faeo. To fight the spirit of the right level, find the location in the table where they live and, being there, open the "Hunt" menu.


Spirit level



Royal Tomb

Clan Burial Grounds


Dead Cove

Barrow of Death 4

Graves of the Poor

Tomb of Kings 5

Vassals Tombs

Forgotten Graves 6

Glade of Oblivion

Mentaliya Settlement 7

Wolf Wasteland

Gorge of Gondi 8

Foot of the Barrow

Mentaliya Foothills 9

Allayas Wastelands

Eagles' Nest 10

Wasteland of Rest

Eclipse Thicket 11

Barrow of Sadness

Ridge of Darkness 12

Domaine of Winds

Frontier 13

Mortis Dale

Phantom Ashes 14

Rovengarde Fault

Bottomless Crack 15

White Reef

White Reef 16

Bottomless Lake

Silty Weir 17


Narrowford 18

Sarpen's Camp

Pelanir's Camp


Dune Sea

Endless Dunes



Attention! Spirits are not always present in the locations, but appear from time to time. 

Do you wonder about what will happen if the sleeping warrior, whose spirit you have cast, suddenly wakes up? The sages do not know the exact answer to this question today. And what would you do on the sight of that warrior? 




If you are lucky enough to defeat the spirit, you will receive as a reward the rare Nightmare Lord Gift Elixir created in the world of dreams and allowing you for a while to feel like you’re  in a heroic dream, becoming faster, stronger and luckier.


Remember: You only will receive a reward by killing a spirit corresponding to your own level or higher! 





A victory over the spirit of your level shows your military daring and will be credited to you as an achievement.

Victory over the Spirit of the Sleeping WarriorDo not sleep - I am close by!I am back from the other world. Expensive.Main supplier to the world of nightmares

Attention! When calculating achievements, only victories over spirits of your level or higher will count.




We wish you a pleasant game!


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