Star Shower
From time to time the people of Faeo witness a unique and fairy occasion of Star Shower. The night sky illuminated only by the starlight is pierced by fiery meteors, leaving a sparkling trail. You just can't miss it! 
Brave warriors! The prophets say that in the nearest future Faeo will experience a  Star Shower. You have the oportunity to not only enjoy watching this extraordinary phenomenon but also aquire beautiful and useful items from the fragments of fallen stars. 
Get ready to join the adventure of searching for star fragments! 
Star Shower
Aster Light

First thing first! Head to the elders to help them gather Asters




Using a special shears you will be able to gather these amazing flowers in order for the elders to be able to hand out a flower for everyone.


Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.
Accessible one time only, starting quest of the event.
Star Weapon Making

The sketch aquired from the Elder will be useful to craft a crystal weapon.  Ostap the Craftsman and  Soygura the Craftswoman can help you with this task.




However you will have to aquire star fragments. But you will be able to spot them only under the effect of a special spell – Star Light. Jewellers  Esmeril and  Korundum can cast it on you.



Quest for  warriors that have reached level 3.

Reward: a set of style weapon according to the sketch

Accessible: one time

Star Light

But you will be able to spot the star fragments only under the effect of a special spell – Star Light. Jewellers  Esmeril and  Korundum can cast it on you.



Under the effect of the spell,  you will be able to find crystals while hunting, while creating energy spheres or while handing in energy crystals at the battlefields. But hurry up! After only two hours the magic wears out! 
Attention! The spell does not work on the battlefields of equals and on inter-server battlefields.
The jewellers can cast their spell once every three hours only.
Quest for warriors that have reached level 3
Reward: Star Light
Accessible: every 3 hours
Bone Engraver
A durable engraver is required to craft and polish the star fragments.


 Ostap the Craftsman and  Soygura the Craftswoman would gladly use a Bone Engraver, made from a bone of an ancient monster. They can work however with a regular Roulette, that can be aquired in the shop or auction.
Bring the craftsmen an engraver and they on their behalf will share one of the sketches of artful gifts. Having the sketch and the required number of fragments, you will be able to aquire in the jeweller shop the gift that is described in the sketch.


Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.

Choice of reward: King Scorpion Sketch, Queen Andorvane SketchZinka the Goat SketchWater Elemental SketchMordeels Sketch, Lamb SketchTuver SketchGreat Dragon SketchRazorclaw SketchScorpolion Sketch,  Edera SketchScales Sketch

Accessible: one time


Complete quests, send gifts and receive unique achievements: 


Reach for the stars - King Scorpion Constellation! Reach for the stars - Tuver Constellation! Help with cutting Star cutter Closer to the stars!


Complete a collection of 12 star gifts, received from your fellow warriors, and complete the quest «Star reward» from the Elder. By doing so you will get another achievement and a special blessing Star Gift.



It is the time of Star Showers in Faeo!






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