Amulets of Nature Spirits
Amulets of Nature Spirits are ancient artifacts that give their owner the ability to summon powerful spirits in battle.
To receive any of the Nature Spirits Amulets you will need one of the spheres and Elements Shackles. The spheres are rare prizes in Precious Chests and Mirror Magic events. Elements Shackles can be obtained in the Exchange Tent for Merchant Mark (5000 pcs.), Reflection Gem (20 pcs.) or 100.

Attention! You can use the amulets only once a week.
Power of Nature Spirits
The amulets summon different Nature Spirits with unique battle skills:
Amulet Summoned Spirit Skills
Additionally, all Spirits use the following skills:
The strength and life of the Spirits depends on the amulet owner's level.
Each spirit is strong against spirits of opposing elements, but it is also vulnerable to other spirits:
Spirit Strong against Weak against
For collecting the Amulets of Nature Spirits, you will receive the following achievements:
Spirit of Sunshine MasterSpirit of Eclipse MasterSpirit of Flame MasterSpirit of the Deep MasterSpirit of Groves MasterSpirit of Thunderstorm Master
Elements Master


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