Artisan's Bag

Faeo has always been famous for skilled craftsmen, intricate, and sometimes simple creations of which have been in demand for many centuries. One of these simple inventions - a leather bag, which, at first glance, does not differ from other shoulder bags. However, not every artisan can make a practical and roomy backpack, which will be convenient to take with him to go collecting resources.


While fishing, mining or planting, if you find a worn out bag made of atshi skin, it is advised that you find the master who taught you your gathering profession and he will gladly take the bag to help you out.


After having completed the quest (Holey Bucket Bag, which can be received from the primary profession NPC of yours), you have the opportunity to purchase bags in the store at Guild of Artisans where you can enter from  O'Delvays City Square and the  Dartrong City Square.


During Mirror Magic event you have a Chance of winning rare prizes – artisan’s bags with even more space for your professional tools and resources:



Also, You can create new cells in your bag with Gor Rune of Capacity and Gor Element of Capacity, which can be exchanged at the shop in Guild of Artisans for Signs of Master.


You can increase capacity of your bag by 1 with Gor Rune of Capacity and when applied the Gor Element of Capacity on the rune you have applied on your bag before, capacity of your bag increases again.


You can also add a bezel to your artisan’s bag – it will increase your chances of double production when making items with the help of the jeweller, sorcerer or alchemist professions.



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Last updated: May 2021


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