Abandoned Smithy

Hidden in the depths of one of the caves of the ruined Elts Vale is an abandoned gnome workshop. This formerly sacred site of the gnome race hides a multitude of secrets, but they are only revealed to those who are able to overcome the terrible guard of the smithy - the Fire Golem [10].



Recommended level: 6 and above

Visit length: up to 24 hours

Visit frequency: every 7 days

Available after activating item - Gnome Runes Pack of Cards



After killing Fire Golem [10] , you can obtain a unique artefact - Fiery Heart and increase your Juggernautreputation.



If you take the Deathly Heart to  Gredeya the Witch or  Brugilda the Sorceress, they will exchange it for Quicksilver. The quantity of Quicksilver will directly depend on Juggernaut reputation growth.





Monsters and Rewards


Superbeings Reward


Fire Golem [10]



A Relict Fossil

Fiery Heart

Worn Medallion Fragment

Dented Medallion Fragment

Mottled Medallion Fragment

Broken Medallion Fragment

Scratched Medallion Fragment



When you combine 5 different fragments, you will become the owner of the complete Golem Medallion, which you can use to tame the little companion. Just imagine what a great combat assistant it will be!



Any spare fragments of the medallion can be exchanged for Gnome Coins (in the Gnome Shop). You will receive 30 Gnome Coins for each medallion fragment.


Should the conditions for the instance change, the relevant information will be added to this page.

We hope you enjoy the game.




Last updated: August 2022



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