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General Information
A battlefield called «Meridian Vaults», where the best human and magmar warriors will clash in a furious battle is accessible to warriors that have reached level 16.
Battle Field Timing


In the curvy passages of the ancient catacombs 2 teams consisting of 3 players will clash and they will appear in the fights in the form of maurins and zarlogs. Depending on your school of magic you will receive a set of equipment that you will have to wear at the battlefield. The battlefield employs the rule of the «Equals» .
The battles will be organized as «capture the flag»: you will have to get inside the enemy camp, capture their flag and bring it back to your camp, defending yourselves from enemy attacks while moving and defending your own flag at the same time.
Attention!Players arrive at the battlefield with no clan allegiance, therefore the citadel bonuses will not work at the Meridian Vaults.
At the base camp a shop is accessible where you can acquire a Warrior Set that contains various combat elixirs, ammunition, and food. Their quantity is calculated for approximately 20 fights.
NOTE : Additional Warrior Set can be purchased from the base store if needed.
Attention!In order to queue up, you will have to give 3: the amount will automatically disappear from your wallet at the first passage, and in exchange you will receive Warrior's chest.

Players arrive at the battlefield with no armor, temporary effects, mounts, pets and artifacts. When moving from the starting location to your base camp you will be equipped with a set of Dodger, Heavyweight or Bone crusher armor set according to your school of magic and rank. Depending on the level of your main reputations you will receive the respective blessings.

If the character does not have the required rank , then the armor is given "green" and is replaced by "blue" upon reaching a particular rank. That is, for example, the character has the title of Lord , then he will be dressed in "blue" armor, weapons and chain mail, the rest of the armor will be "green".

Green Armor

Bone Crusher




If the character has the required rank then he will get the blue peaces of armor up to and corresponding to his rank.



Dodger Heavyweight Bonecrusher

Higher Master




Lord of

the battle


In addition to the armor and bow, a bracelet and a set of universal jewelry are given out.

Universal Accessories

Attention! Players have only 6 slots available in belt. Studied tablets, talents and illusionary pockets are preserved.

Character enter the Meridian Vaults without medals and clan affiliation. When you go to your base, depending on the level of the character, a blessing of fortitude is given .

Attention! during the battle in " Meridian Vaults" each series of blows increases Strength and Wisdom by 30%.
The lower the character level the stronger the effect of given vitality by the blessing. This feature has been introduced in order to equal the players at the Battlefield.
level 16 level 17 level 18 level 19
Attention!It is the reputation points that will be taken into consideration instead of having a specific badge.

Reputation points

500 1000 2000 3000
Triad Order
Tomb Raiders
Sylph Fairy/Water Nymph
Shadow Catchers
Shiass fighters
Attention!A message in the chat will notify you of receiving the appropriate blessing.
Battle Field
Attention!You can't exit the Battlefield while carrying the enemy flag. You can't enter the Battlefield's shop while carrying a flag or as a ghost.
Maurines and Zarlog camps are located on opposite sides of the map.

The goal of the team is to get into the enemy's camp, capture their banner and bring it to their camp. In this case, your flag should be defended and repelled by the opponent's attacks.
In the centre there are five halls, where you can get a special blessing of this holy place. Each blessing will increase the number of points that the team scores for bringing the enemy flag by five points.
Attention! You can get all five blessings at once, but keep in mind that for each aquired blessing your movement speed will decrease by 20 points.
Scoring system:
- Enemy flag brought back to your base will bring the team 50 points (and additional 5 points for each effect of the ancient deity)
- Reclaiming your flag by killing the enemy that has captured your flag brings the team 15 points.
- Killing the enemy brings the team 15 points.
In order to win your team must score 300 points.

Table of rates of acquiring valor and experience




Draw Flee



13300 Valour

800 Experience


7000 Valour

400 Experience

-8000 Valour



18700 Valour

1120 Experience


9300 Valour

560 Experience

-11200 Valour



18700 Valour

1120 Experience


9300 Valour

560 Experience

-11200 Valour



26700 Valour

1600 Experience


13300 Valour

800 Experience

-16000 Valour



26700 Valour

1600 Experience


13300 Valour

800 Experience

-16000 Valour
Attention! In the fights taking place at the Battlefield the valour rate is increased by 300%.
All the participants in the Meridian Vaults can get the following various achievements.

Brave Hero

Great Hero

Brave enemy flag thief

Great enemy flag thief

Brave team flag defender

Great team flag defender

Brave enemy flag capturer

Great enemy flag capturer

Brave ancient blessing gatherer

Unrivalled ancient blessing gatherer

Saturday battle participant

Sunday battle participant

Week of fighting

Month of fighting

Battles in the «Meridian Vaults» will take place the entire week, from Monday till Sunday


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