The Queen's Calling

The sciencists all around the Faeo noticed that the day becomes shorter and the night - longer. Could it be just the consequence of the Parade of Stars or is it something more serious and terrifying?





It seems, like the ghost of the cursed ruler of Ergam, Celeste, is coming to Faeo. Find out what will change in the world with her appearance by completing the «Visit Her Cursed Majesty» quest, and receive not only Ancient Ergam Coins, but also something special.



The Queen's Calling - Duration 7 days
Help Lady Mary stop the Cursed Queen's army and save Feo.


The Appearance of the Queen - Duration 7 days
Defeat the ghost of Celeste and prevent what happened in Ergam from happening again.




The Queen's Calling



Image Gallery for the online game: Legend: Legacy of the Dragons   Image Gallery for the online game: Legend: Legacy of the Dragons


Visit Her Cursed Majesty



 Globius and  Avelius will help to find out what will change in the world of Feo with the arrival of the ruler of Ergam, Celeste.





Quest: to warriors from level 3 and above.

Available: One time

Reward: Ancient Ergam coin x20, Scroll of Returning to Ergam (if not already received earlier)


In the Defence of Faeo


Creatures resurrected by the cursed Queen will appear every 2 hours. You can enter in battle against them by completing the main task of the event and then speaking to Lady Mary in Ergam. For defeating each such superbeing, you can receive an achievement and possibly one of the rare items:


Creature Achievement Item
The Slayer of Kings
Risen Twice, Killed Twice
Destroyer of the Undead
Off with Their Heads! All Five!
Your Time is Done!
Fill no More!
Heartless Monster


Quest: to warriors from level 3 and above.

Available: permanent, after completing the start quest

Reward: Ancient Ergam coin x3 (max. 3x per day). At the same time, the chance to get a rare item remains.


Daily Quests


In addition, after completing the main story quest, warriors will once again have the task to save Faeo. During this task, the defender of Ergam will assist you. However, no matter how hard the valiant heroes try, they cannot save everyone - each day you can perform no more than three of Lady Mary’s tasks, so choose wisely!


Save the Portal 6
Break Formation! 3
Worthy Opponent 3
Senseless Cruelty 3
Balthazar Must Die! 3
Emperor Scorpion Must Die! 3
The Bog Elf Must Die! 3
Gurraldiy Korr Must Die! 3
The Kretch Butcher Must Die! 3


Quest: to warriors from level 3 and above.

Available: daily, reset after 4 am server time

Reward: Ancient Ergam coin x3-6 (max. 3 different tasks per day).





The Appearance of the Queen



Glorious warriors of Faeo! For a long time you have been repelling the fierce attack of Celeste's monsters. Recently, however, there has been a rumour in the vicinity - as if someone saw the cursed queen herself, not far from one of the city capitals. Apparently, she plans to personally lead an army to the mainlands. Even if it's only her ghost, don't underestimate Celeste: even in this guise, the Queen is strong and cunning. Plus, she plans to make new comrades out of your allies! She must be stopped!



From now on, Celeste's ghost may appear in Faeo in place of any of the resurrected monsters. Fight her and you will be rewarded with the missing achievement from the holiday series and, with some luck, the last of the new rarity items.


Not at My House! 


You can also receive Ephemeral Soul Fragment for defeating Celeste's ghost, if you haven't already received them three times for defeating event bosses.







Ergam Rarity Shop opens with the beginning of the event and is open throughout the event.


Note: The store closes its doors when the phase "The Appearance of the Queen" ends!



Item Available Price   Item Available Price
5 12   1 70
1 30   1 80
1 20   1 100
1 60   100 5 8
1 60   5 11
1 60   1 50
1 60   5 5
1 60   1 40
1 60   1 80
1 60   1 8
1 60   3 20
1 60   1 20
1 60   1 20
5 5 5   1 20
5 3 5   - 9
5 5 5   - 9
1 60   - 9
3 3   - 9
- 9    




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