Chigrik at Glade of Dreams and Gloum at Barrow of Sadness are waiting for heroes that want to increase their combat features. For just 30 they are willing to sell an unlimited quantity of Blue Sack to anyone that so desires.



In the bag you can find a random tablet, which will always improve your characteristics, or its fragments:



If you are not lucky enough to find the tablet straight away, do not worry. By collecting the necessary amount of fragments, you can exchange them for a random tablet. The table below shows the number of fragments and types of tablets.


Number of fragments Tablets that can be obtained











If you have any remaining tablets, you can exchange 9 of the same tablets for 1 random tablet of a higher quality:




You can find out about the number of bonuses you have already received in Characteristics, in the Ancient Knowledge section.




 - You can only use 1 tablet with each of the bonuses.

For example: If you have already used Clay Strength Tablet, you cannot obtain a second bonus with the same tablet.


 - To obtain a bonus from a higher quality tablet, you need to use the previous tablet with similar characteristics first.


- Tablets and tablet fragments can also be traded on the exchange and at auction.


- nearly all blessed tables can be used from level 3.



Malachite Tablet



A mysterious artifact, the magic of which allows you to permanently increase the number of places for artifacts in your backpack. Such tablets can be used several times to obtain additional cells. Each use increases the number of cells in the backpack by 1, but each subsequent use costs one tablet more: the first cell is one tablet, the second cell is two tablets, the third cell is three tablets, etc.


The maximum number of additional cells that can be obtained using the tablets is 10.


Important! The tablets purchased in stores are non-transferable!



Last updated: September 2023


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