Available: from level 6, during the quests Exorcism for Orlufia and Resurrection of the Chaos Demigod, after completing the task set by Octo-protectius Akvarius.



Description: For many centuries the sea-dwelling Flaundins have guarded the ancient Chaos demigod RaskriuTsu in an Underwater Prison  thereby protecting the land-bound residents of Faeo from the terrible consequences that would result from his awakening. The great Sheara  entrusted this important task to the Flaundins and for a long time they executed their duty resolutely and responsibly. But, with time, dissenting voices were heard in the ranks of the underwater army. Many of the Flaundins were tired of being in constant isolation in the execution of a duty that had, or so they believed, lost all relevance. The rebels were convinced that everybody had forgotten about their services and that there was no longer any reason to dedicate their lives to a meaningless mission. The most vocal opponents of the old way of life were the members of a faction called the New Wave. This proactive faction has taken decisive steps: they have enlisted the cruelest and most unprincipled residents of the underwater world - the Sharkers, and they have joined forces to attack the guard posts. These treacherous actions were undertaken to prove to others that after the guards were disabled, nothing terrible would happen! According to the rebels, the long dead and harmless RaskriuTsu is no threat. The aim of the New Wave is to prove the senselessness of continuing their isolated underwater life guarding an allegedly dangerous monster, and to bring as many underwater residents over to their side as possible. They could not have been more mistaken! The naïve rebels committed a grave, irreparable error in releasing RaskriuTsu! It is the duty of every warrior that fights for peace in Faeo to help the Flaundins to deal with the traitors! To do this it will be necessary not only to fight the members of the New Wave and the terrible Sharkers, but also to support the guardian obelisks that restrain the Chaos demigod RaskriuTsu. This will be possible by gathering the rare Gollade Pearls, from which the Flaundins produce energy to power the obelisks. Gather the pearls and give them to the leader of the underwater tribe – Octo-protectius Akvarius, and you will make a significant contribution to the salvation of the world, and will also earn Flaundin reputation.




Recurring quest





Help for Underwater Science

5 pts






Receiving Reputation 


Monsters to hunt


(1) to 500

(1) to 1000

(1) to 2000

(5) to 2400





Battle Trophies





With a high degree of probability, from Sea Shells

(5) to 3000




You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 200 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restrictions on getting the reputation:
Completed quests «Resurrection of the Chaos Demigod» or «Exorcism for Orlufia»



Rewards accessible in the repository
















After completing the quest, "Confession of the Experienced Pirate", you can improve your Lagmur Amulet to a Guardian Lagmur Amulet or Deterrent Lagmur Amulet. Keep in mind that this choice can be made only once: the new mount will remain with the owner forever.







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