Shadow Catchers

Available: from level 11. After completing the quest «Encountering the Shadow Catchers» from Asseliander the Gloomslayer.



In those far-off times, when the elements of Faeo created by the gods first stirred into life, and the Chosen abandoned its boundless expanses, three representatives of this majestic race condemned themselves to voluntary exile by deciding to remain in the young world, to keep an eye on its formation. For several centuries they kept their presence in Faeo hidden from everyone, and the only person the Chosen revealed themselves to was the great sorcerer Unarius, in whose castle they found refuge. The powerful giants swore an oath to the beautiful Sheara that they would not interfere in the lives of the people in the world, and would only act as observers. And only once did Ulvarno, Asseliander and Barachmung break their word... In response to the last request of Unarius, they created a magical screen to keep one of the Chaos giants in the past and prevent him from breaking free. But to maintain this barrier, the Chosen need special, ghostly, matter.... It is extracted from the Shadows of ghostly creatures that live in the Cloister of Visions, and to obtain it you need to have the special knowledge and skills of the Shadow Catchers.  


Getting Reputation


Monsters to hunt


Ghostly Serpagon [11]

(1) to 500

Ghostly Scolopendra [12]

(1) to 1000




Getting Reputation


Monsters to hunt


Importance of Shadow

Ghostly Serpagon [11]

Ghostly Scolopendra [12]

(10) to 1000

Ghostly Pearly Scolopendra [13]

Ghostly Daigon [14]

(10) to 2000

Ghostly Mordeels [15]

Ghostly Tentacler [15]

Ghostly Habu [16]  

Ghostly Prickly Habu [17]

(10) to 3000





You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 60 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restrictions on getting the reputation:
Completed quest «Encountering the Shadow Catchers»


Any warrior that reaches level 11 can join the brave Shadow Catchers, if they are not afraid to go hunting in distant, ghostly lands. The creatures living in the Cloister of Visions are able to instantly sense living flesh, and rip to shreds anyone who enters their territory. So, hunters use the Sands of Oblivion, which allow them, for a restricted amount of time, to become part of the ghostly world and hunt the spirits of the ancient dwellers of Faeo. 

You can buy Sands of Oblivion in Twilight storage by contacting Asseliander. The Gloomslayer will charge for them.


45 65 45 65 45 65


 Attention! Instance accessible for 1 hour every 24hrs.


Awards available in the hunters' warehouse












The more successful the hunter, and the more shadows they are able to obtain, the faster their Shadow Catcher reputation will increase. The Chosen will give the most skilled spirit catchers an ancient rune with magical powers able to influence the capacity of a combat belt's pockets. Thanks to the runic magic, you can put 2 absolutely different combat potions in one slot, and use whichever one of them you need at a given moment during combat. 










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