Custodians of Magic

Available: from level 11 after completing Entertaining reading and Barachmung the Chronicler quests.



The Chosen have a great thirst for knowledge in their hearts. Each of them at one time decided to remain in the world of Faeo to observe the mortals and their amazing life in the two mainlands. Barachmung the Chronicler is especially interested and he values the manuscripts and folios that contain the secrets of the millennia. The all-seeing Chosen would like to learn all about the races that have ever inhabited Faeo or are still inhabiting this world... But there is just one place where ancient books from all over the world are gathered...


The Ivmuar Manuscript Treasury Trove is in the mountain tops. You will have to face the astute Supervisor, who protect the parchments from robbers. The strange creatures roam around the shelves, removing dust and adjusting the folios. These guards are accompanied by a Troll who was once chained up by the Custodians to protect the library but who managed to break free. Now this monster does not recognise his previous masters so he can attack anyone.




Ulvarno the Bewitcher for a fee will give you a scroll of teleportation, touching which, you instantly transferred to the entrance to an abandoned library. You can get to the Ivmuar Manuscript Treasury Trove alone (without a group) every three days and no more than 12 hours. To find out if the bookstore of the Chosen is available for a new visit, refer to the quest "Instant Teleportation" at Ulvarno.










+20 Custodian of Magic Reputation




To obtain several manuscripts you must get past the guardians of the treasure trove and lie to the Troll that has set up his lair in one of the rooms… If you then end up with a book that passes the Barachmung Potion test, you will be sure to gain good reputation among the Custodians of Magic.


 Books and manuscripts

Authenticity check  



+10 Custodian of Magic Reputation


Note! Receipt of reputation for certain books and manuscripts is limited by reputation thresholds.


More details in the table below:




 Books and manuscripts Reputation threshold
to 500 reputation
to 1000 reputation
to 2000 reputation
to 3000 reputation





You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 25 reputation points.
Attention! You should complete quest "Entertaining reading"
Sparks can also be used for the Custodians of Magic Medal of Worship quest



Any warrior that reaches level 11 can win the favour of the Custodians of Magic. By obtaining records from the book repository and giving them to the chronicler, you not only earn reputation but also receive access to magical manuscripts that contain unique combat spells. The medals you are awarded will be worthy signs of excellence in the eyes of the Chosen.


Rewards for reputation





Teleportation Spells











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