Resurrected Ghoul's Crypt

A gloomy vault, built many centuries ago, in a secret chamber of which the refuge of the terrible Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul  [12] was found. The dark corridors of the underground tomb teem with fierce beasts, loyal servants of the dark sorcerer turned evil spirit. 


Recommended level: 12 and above

Visit length: up to 6 hours

Visit frequency: every 4 days


Quests and reputation


Underground Prisoner -accessible from level 11  
This  quest can be received  from the  Necromancer  or  Koeshu the Occultist .



After killing Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul [12] , you can obtain a unique artefact - Deathly Heart and increase your Juggernaut reputation.


If you take the Deathly Heart to  Gredeya the Witch  or  Brugilda the Sorceress, they will exchange it for Quicksilver. The quantity of Quicksilver will directly depend on Juggernaut reputation growth.




Monsters and Rewards


Monster Reward


Common Zombie [11]




Common Umertik [12]




Superbeings Reward


Fazgrod Umertik [12]



A Relict Fossil

Deathly Heart


Ring of Hidden Rage

Ring of Hidden Oppression

Ring of Hidden Surmounting

Ring of Weak Barrier


Ring of Rage

Ring of Oppression

Ring of Surmounting

Ring of Barrier


Ring of Irrepressible Rage

Ring of Strong Oppression

Ring of Unstoppable Surmounting

Ring of Strong Barrier


Amulet of Hidden Anger

Amulet of Hidden Fortune

Amulet of Weak Suppression

Amulet of Weak Reflection

Amulet of Weak Insight


Amulet of Anger

Amulet of Fortune

Amulet of Suppression

Amulet of Reflection

Amulet of Insight


Amulet of Irrepressible Anger

Amulet of Great Fortune

Amulet of Strong Suppression

Amulet of Strong Reflection

Amulet of Strong Insight



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We hope you enjoy the game.





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