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Available: from level 4. No restrictions. No initiation required.





Description: The Night Stealers clan is the most ancient of all mercenary clans. It was founded so long ago that no one knows the exact date of its birth. During the distant Era of Change, the clan's forefathers came to prominence for repelling the evil Orcs, driving them forever from their lands and earning themselves great authority among the people and the glory of heroes. During the entire time of the clan's existence, the mercenaries have been of great use, fighting monsters and beasts, carrying out the orders of kings and peasants! They seek neither gold, nor honour, their raison d'etre being the preservation of their forefathers' traditions, honouring their memory and following the laws of the clan. The Night Stealers have survived much, working with faithful friends whilst those who have left the clan have become its eternal enemies - the Red Axes and the Stone Lotus. For years, the Stealers have been absorbing the wisdom and craftsmanship of their forefathers, passing from generation to generation everything that they have been able to learn and to understand! And none of these newly-founded clans, which call themselves mercenaries, are capable of handling the legend that is the Night Stealers!

To join the clan, you must visit Elusive Shuan or Phinko the Sage. The main work of the Night Stealers clan is the fulfillment of orders placed by Faeo's numerous and varied residents. If the work offered is not to your taste, you can reject it and ask for another task. Tasks are available every 3 days. Increasing your reputation with another mercenary clan will have a negative effect on your Night Stealers reputation.



You can also increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who iniiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you  200 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restrictions on getting the reputation:
Completed quest «Encountering the Night Stealers»
For level 4: reputation can be increased up to 1000 points



Rewards accessible in the Arms Depot
















For the purchase of the harnesses you need Leather Scraps, which can be obtained  Ostap the Artisan  Soygura the craftswoman in exchange for Hunter's Satchel, Titan Belt, Titan Sash and Condottiere Sling.


  • One harness is used for one mount.
  • The harness replaces the previous one, regardless of quality.
  • If the mount improves, the harness previously used is not saved
  • You can immediately get a harness of the necessary (available to you) quality and apply it.


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