Wind Rose

The legendary  Windrose  has long been a reason for dispute for the people of Faeo. Humans and Magmars fight till this day to gain power over the same indestructible fortress, Kroffdors and Eldives besieged as eagerly centuries ago. 


Recommended level: 16 and above
Visit length: up to 48 hours
Visit frequency: every 7 days
Group size: 5 players

Available with the «Medal of Friendship» of the Eldives or Kroffdors.
Windrose erected on the border of those ancient races was strategically very important. Inside its walls there has been fierce battles, which also influenced the course of history.
Now Eldives  and  Kroffdors  give their loyal followers a chance to go to the past and become a participant in the battle for this legendary fortress. 
Through the gates of time,  Chooli-a-Veyna  and   Dimedora  or    Fairy-a-Maria  and   Reodora will lead the warriors in the quest  "The Battle of Past Years".  At the entrance to the Original Windrose you will receive a mysterious object - an Empty Sphere of Renunciation  Kill 10 Kroffdor Crushers [15] or Eldive Besieger[15] to gain access to the first of the three caches.  
Here you will have to defeat one of the bosses: Kroffdor Skull Graver [15] or the Eldive Custodian [15] and your Empty Sphere of Renunciation will improve to the clear sphere of renunciation.


Then, after destroying 15 and 20  Kroffdor Crusher [15] or Eldive Besieger [15], you can open the second and third caches in order to improve the sphere to the Foggy Sphere of Renunciation  and the Twilight Sphere of Renunciation.


Important! The chance of getting Luxite or Flamian from the instance bosses is increased.


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