March - Spring's awakening

Gifts, captivating adventures and interesting quests, new achievements, and a unique thematic weapon awaits the warriors of Faeo in the new spring event «March - Spring's Awakening!». During the event there will be something for everyone and the quests are manageable by everybody. For each completed quest there is a reward - Carved Bug.



Event run time:

The exact time of event's end can be seen in game in the 'Events' tab.

March - Spring's Awakening!
Event Quest Guide


Do you want to know more about the event quests? Feeling lost? Or maybe you'd like to prepare for the celebrations in advance?

Make sure to check out  Crackerjacks' Seasonal Events FAQ !

Romantic Dinner
Spring came to Faeo and infatuated the residents. «Night Stealers» mercenary enchanted by a lovely stranger decided to prepare a romantic dinner for her. If he is to be successful though, he will need help.



The mercenaries are waiting for your help in locations:  Steppe Vista and  Lost Wastelands.


Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: once
Reward: Carved Bug  x25-35-50

Attention! The more complex the task is the higher the reward will be. Pick exactly that dinner, bouquet, or ode the reward for which you prefer the most.
Shoots and Roots

Faeo oldtimers whom you have met before are suffering from an unknown ailment. It seems that the spring air, that contains a lot of pollen makes them sneeze and cough!




They are waiting for you at  Lumirya Waterfall and at  Village Angriyar.

Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: every 15 hours
Reward: Carved Bug  x10

Attention! After you help the  Sorcerer or the  Dwarf a recurring quest becomes available. You can hand in Silvate-herb Roots every 15 hours. You will be able to gather them no matter if the quest is available. The timer in the recurrent quests section appears after the first completion of the Shoots and Roots: gathering quest.

Alder Pollen
The servants of the holy abode ask you to collect Alder Pollen, that starts blooming in March, in order to prepare healing potions.
The holy men await your help in locations:  Wirgold Estate and  Manor of Budrimakh.
Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: every 15 hours
Reward: Carved Bug  x10
On the Search for Spotty Bugs

Trade fair regulars can't understand why Faeo residents love tarariquon battles that much. No doubt it is a fascinating sight, but wouldn't it be nicer to look at the cheer performance of Spotty Bugs?




 Nadilarie and  Sheamus the Joker are waiting for you at the Trade Fair of  O'Delvays and  Dartrong.



Important!  Spotty Bugs can be found at Haunted Place, in the Ivmuar treasury, in the chests of the Enchanted Forest, in the honeycombs of the Zigred Hive and in the maurin Great tree, as well as in the mound in the swamp, in some of the stashes of the Derelict house and of Palaces of King Magish, in the Kretch Lair and in some other stashes.


Important!  Spotty Bug also can be caught during the daily quests for City charters.

Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: constantly
Reward: Carved Bug  x2-5
Lost Wager

Brave warrioress while accomplishing knight feats have lost a friendly wager and that might cost their reputation! Who will trust their eyes when they see the valorous ladies, geared up in armour, showering the defeated enemies with sweet scented buds?




The warrioresses await you in the locations:  Warrior's Camp and  Chion Settlement.


Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: if rejected - after 1 hour, if completed - after 5 hours*
*(as soon as the sand clock disappears)
Reward: Carved Bug  x7
Find and Deactivate

Warlords' scouts have brought them news about the new treachery of the enemy race. Special magical traps crafter with exquisite thoroughness, have been set up at the Plateau and at Haunted Place. Any bypassing warrior risks dying from the discharge of the magical power inside those traps.



Warlords  Damirus and  Gidver await you at the Arenas of  O'Delvays and  Dartrong.


Quest accessible to warriors from level 5.
Available: every 10 hours
Reward: Carved Bug x5

Attention! To deactivate the traps use the daggers at the Plateau or at Haunted Place.
A Flower Tribol Game

Tindoline proposes to play an addictive game introduced by the Fairies. If Lady Luck smiles upon you, you can win an amazing talisman, that can be given as a gift to friends or acquaintances from any race.



Tindoline awaits you at the City Fair of  O'Delvays and  Dartrong.

Quest accessible to warriors from level 1.
Available: every hour
Reward: Fairy Charm
Spring fungus - it’s the most good

As you know, mushrooms are harvested in the fall. However, there's one kind of mushroom in Faeo that makes its way out of the snow in spring. This extremely rare gift of nature is very much needed by the witch for her miraculous potions!



The witches are waiting you at the locations  Wild Forest and  Village of Maettro.



Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: once
Reward: Carved Bug  x15 , Icecap Tartar  x5
Clan quest

Clans waiting for new adventure! Clan leaders will be able to complete the task « Untimely Awakening », reward for which will become Enraged Roamer Summoning Crystal, which will allow to fight the Enraged Roamer.




Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: daily
Little Dragon Urchi greets March


What is happening during the event is of great interest to the inquisitive Dragon Urchi. Do not forget to talk to him and help in understanding the world of Faeo.



Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: daily
Reward: Carved Bug x6
Seasons deck
By using the deck, you will receive:
Attention!  You can use this deck only once a day during the active stage of the event.
Ways of obtaining the Carved Bugs


1) One time quest “Romantic Dinner”

2) Daily quests: “Shoots and Roots”, “Alder Pollen”, “Lost Wager”, “Find and Deactivate”

3) Constant exchange “On the Search for Spotty Bugs”

4) Completing the task “Spring fungus”

5) Completing the clan task

6) Completing the task “Little Dragon Urchi greets March”

7) Using "Seasons deck"


Play «Flower Tribol Game» with Tindoline and get achievements:


Try your luck Gambler A piece of good luck Royal Luck


Complete quests, congratulate friends and give gifts and also dont forget the season food. For all that you will receive unique achievements:

From the bottom of my heart! Well Wisher Generous Well Wisher Friendly Help Huge Friendly Help
March - Spring's awakening March - Spring has arrived! Under the March Banner! Lucky Hat March Arhas Beastmaster Favour of the Malachite Monkey March Offering to the Crimson Roc
 Collar Chain Fragment Memory Gifts of Emerald Acorn Supreme Spirit’s Assistant: March Mechanical Tuver Assembly: March Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: March Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: March Chasing the rabbit: March
Event Organiser Event Organiser

Don't forget about the achievements for seasonal food:


Spring Salad - a tasty treat! Innkeeper, 100 portions of Spring Salad! Once you taste the salad you just can’t stop!  Nearly a thousand portions of salad Hide the salad - I am coming?  Is there any salad left in Faeo? I will finish it at dinner!  Legendary salad eater


Thieves  Chigrik and  Gloum, that dwell at  Glade of Dreams and  Vassals' Tombs, sell March bags in exchange for gold and diamonds. The bags contain Carved Bug - 75 pcs.



Attention! Each bag can be purchased only once!

Attention! Bags will be available for purchase during the rewards stage.


In the Curiosities shop at the City Fair of  Ogriy and  Khair, in exchange for Carved Bug you will be able to acquire various goods, available only during this time.

Reward Cost Reward Cost
50 7 1
120 5
75 2
45 5
52 5
30 5
12 3
12 3
12 3
12 3
5 15 1
60 3
50 3
30 3
30 3
30 5
50 5
50 5
70 5
5 5
6 6
6 15
30 30

Attention! Item Essence of Spring Forest can be acquired in quantities of no more than 25 pcs, and item Kretch Defender Amulet of Call - no more than 3 pcs.

Mystery Casket of the Defender of Faeo, Mystery Casket of the Patron of the Sciences, Mystery Casket of the Fearless Warrior - 1 pc can be purchased.

Grog the Healer Amulet of Call, Argor the Dueller Amulet of Call, Xar the Executioner Amulet of Call - 5 pcs available.

Seasons Token are available to clan players through seasonal events at the rewards stage. A maximum of 185 tokens can be purchased by a clan per event.


* *

* one of the quivers per level


Attention! Quivers that have been acquired during the event, can't be deposited at the estate repository.


Attention! After the end of the rarity sale in the Shop, the leftover amount of the item Carved Bug can be exchanged only for food.


May these bright days bring you lots of love and joy!





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