So, you have acquired one of the supplementary professions, which allows you to crack open all sorts of chests, locked shut by the most reliable Faean locks! Congratulations! You will soon become indispensable to many adventure seekers, bursting to get at the contents of the treasure chests they find. Well, now that you have resolved to take your first steps on this path, what do you need to know about lock picking? How can you develop your abilities? Read on, and find out.

Acquiring the profession:
You can only acquire the Locksmith profession when you have reached level 3. Once you have reached such an esteemed level, you should hurry along to the relevant quest characters: Ostap the Craftsman for Humans and Soygura the Craftswoman for Magmars.


Ostap the Craftsman Soygura the Craftswoman

They will set you the quest required to receive the desired profession.

General information:

The Locksmith profession allows players to crack open locked chests, caskets and trunks and to remove shackles placed on players by Bringers of Evil. Once a chest has been opened, any player, with or without the Locksmith profession, can extract its contents. Care and attention should be taken when receiving or handing over a chest. The Locksmith skill level is increased by way of opening different types of chest. At the start of your career, you will only be able to open the simplest locks, but with the levelling of your skill you will be able to extract genuine treasures from the depths of trunks. As regards shackles, your increasing skill level will allow you to remove every more terrible designs from your exhausted allies.


To crack open a chest, it is essential for a novice Locksmith to have a lock pick, which can be purchased from Ostap the Craftsman for Humans and Soygura the Craftswoman for Magmars.

1. Lock picks



With the help of these simple tools, you can open chests. It is important to remember that each tool is designed to open its own sort of chest. Trying to pick a basic lock with a more complex and refined tool will prove a thankless task. Lock picking is undertaken by way of clicking the "Use" button on the chest itself, but only if you have the necessary lock pick in your rucksack.


2. Skeleton keys



This intricate lock picks allow you to liberate the weary victims of Bringers of Evil from their shackles.


3. Closed Chests



Only a Locksmith is able to open the Closed Chests. To open enchanted and magical chests you need Magic Locksmith Scroll (for chests that require 390 and more locksmith experience you need 2 scrolls)


4. Key sketches



The Treasure Hunters' chests can be opened with special keys, that experienced locksmiths are able to craft. The recipes for making the keys can be obtained from Ostap the Craftsman or  Soygura the Craftswoman.



Level needed to open chests


Locksmith skill


Locksmith skill Chest Locksmith skill Chest Locksmith skill Chest


120 240 360


135 255 375


150 270 390


165 285 405


180 300 420
75 195 315 435
90 210 330 450
105 225 345 465


Good luck in this artful and rare craft!


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