Pet Patrons

Receipt: from Level 11 from   Bonna Benita and  Sweet Mila.


Bonna Benita  Sweet Mila


Description: Who among the residents of Faeo has not admired the little pets, growing happily under the tender care of  Bonna Benita and Sweet Mila? The young beast tamers are able on their own to tame predatory animals and other creatures that little is known about - such as fairies, ghosts and even little snowmen! Isn’t that just a perfect example of what can be achieved with kindness and tenderness?!

If you have reached level 11 and acquired magic skills that correspond to your position, then the time has come to put your skills into helping the residents of the pet nursery! Thankfully a great deal of effort will not be required for this - all the brave little ones need are good care, the caring hands of an owner and a little magic, which will strengthen them and help them become reliable and loyal defenders!


Once a day the pet nursery owner can give you a magic medallion, which will maintain its power for precisely one hour. Hurry and destroy as many of the evil monsters wandering around Faeo as possible in that time and make sure you are no more than one level higher than your opponent... If you stick to that condition you will be able to gather from the bodies of the defeated predators a special Vital Substance, which the pets so need to become strong and agile. Give the substance to  Bonna Benita and Sweet Mila – and they will tell everyone about your kindness and your reputation among the Pet Patrons will significantly grow!

If you do not want your pets to become stronger through the death of monsters, you can help the pets another way. In a place where there are so many fussy little pets there is always something needed. Every three days Bonna Benita and  Sweet Mila ask volunteers to carry out an important task: for example, to catch the young of different monsters in order to tame them... This is not an easy task for the bloodthirsty monsters are unlikely to give up their young without a fight! But the reward for such a task is great - not just the love and loyalty of the new pets but also respect among the Patrons!

Naturally, the more often you look in on the pet nursery owner and carry out her tasks, the easier it will be to gather as much Vital Substance as you can in one go! If you miss a visit to the beast tamer, do not be surprised if you gather less substance the next time. By the way, the growth of your reputation depends directly on the amount of substance gathered! Experienced Pet Patrons can acquire miraculous elixirs in the pet nursery for their pets and then they may obtain the rarest of assistants!
Demonstrate all your generosity and help the small residents of the pet nursery get stronger and find good owners!

You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 200 reputation points.
Attention! You have to complete quest «Pet patrons»
Sparks can also be used for the Pet Patrons Medal of Worship quest


Pet Patron Rewards












By carrying out the many requests of the beast tamers and showing valuable support to the pet nursery, you will not only receive the highest Medal of Worship, you will take the first step on the way to further improving your ward. Warriors that own this priceless reward can obtain and read an ancient folio, which talks about the training of pets that achieved true heights in their training and become loyal and reliable helpers. If you become familiar with this work, the beast tamer will carry out a final training with your pet and that will make them the most obedient and useful creature in the world of Faeo!



Demonstrate all your generosity and help the small residents of the pet nursery get stronger and find good owners!


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