Unity Ring

The Unity is a unique artifact, the strength of which can be increased. Brave warriors who have mastered difficult tasks are rewarded with the opportunity to be blessed by the “Awakened Power”. The questline is available to game characters from level 9 onwards, without any further requirements from the sorcerers  Khorsungum and  Arnabag.


Quests Required

«Magic Power Awakening»
«In Search of the Soul Catcher»
«Depths of Dark Magic»
«Shadows of Forgotten Heroes»
«Unity of Two Worlds»

After completing the last task in the questline, you will receive the Unity and the opportunity to strengthen it.

Strengthening the ring


Players will receive access to recurring quests for special marks. In return for these marks, the sorcerers  Khorsungum und  Arnabag will reinforce the Unity.


Quests for Symbols

Symbol Quest NPC Recurring
1 «In the Defence of Faeo» Shiko  Royal Tomb and  Tomb of Kings Daily
1 «The steel is glowing red-hot in the fire» Erifarius, Foothills and  Striagorn, Hell's Pass Daily
8 «For the Good of Science» Alchemists  Cagliostro and  Veddun in the Guild of Artisans Weekly, from Monday
3 «Attack of the Beasts» Shiko  Royal Tomb and  Tomb of Kings Weekly, from Monday
3 «Victor’s Path» Erifarius, Foothills and  Striagorn, Hell's Pass Weekly, from Monday


Additionally, symbols can be obtained by participating in various activities and events announced by the game's administration in the news.

In order to strengthen the Unity, you must bring the sorcerers  Khorsungum and  Arnabag a certain number of marks and complete the recurring quest «Gaining Strength».



Awakening the power
The magical properties of the stones in the Unity become apparent when you sprinkle them with Vial of fog powder.

Vial of fog powder can be obtained at the end of the questline for the Unity.

Old vial of fog powder, with a lifespan of 3 days, can be obtained after completing the recurring quest “For the Good of Science”.

Unstable vial of fog powder, with a lifespan of 7 days, can be bought from various special promotions (Premium shop, Patronage shop).

You will receive the following blessing, in accordance with the level of your ring:



Rings and Blessings



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