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  Winter time in Faeo  (1st of December)

Streets and fields are already covered with a thick snow blanket, so the fluffy snowdrifts appear around and breathing air in the frosty weather turns into a light cloud, which immediately dissipates in the cold wind


  Stop the winter threat!  (3rd of December)

The hordes of horrible Snowgers instantly filled all the places of the land, bringing fright to the peaceful residents and coming closer and closer to their homes.


   The battles for the ships with fir trees (09th of December)

An ancient feud between Magmars and Humans and their pride for their races does not quietly accept the fact of possibility to sink the enemy ship with the fir trees, which are brought from distant lands.


  Invaders from the frosty lands  (18th of December)

Dozens of wooden boats with Wild Yetis reached the coasts of Ogriy and Khair. Not in a friendly mood, inhabitants of the Isles of the eternal frost, with the onset of the cold, invaded the Human and Magmar lands.


  Revenge for the northern savages  (24th of December)

Warlords, concerned about the disappearance of Yetis, together with the war mages are developing a plan to invade the Isles of the eternal frost


  Reward time  (28th of December)

At the city fairs of O'Delvays or Dartrong you can find the rewards for the Snowflakes, that were so thoroughly collected by warriors during all event run time


Event Quest Guide


Do you want to know more about the event quests? Feeling lost? Or maybe you'd like to prepare for the celebrations in advance?

Make sure to check out  Crackerjacks' Seasonal Events FAQ !

Winter time in Faeo


Streets and fields are already covered with a thick snow blanket, so the fluffy snowdrifts appear around and breathing air in the frosty weather turns into a light cloud, which immediately dissipates in the cold wind.


In the Snowdrifts the luckiest ones can find Christmas Ice Block and in battles against superbeings - New Year Ice Pellet, from which you can cut the glittering ice statues of different inhabitants of Faeo.



The most persistent ones can be proud of achievements for making the whole collections of the ice statues, which, by the way, can be gifted to your friends and aquaintances.


Creator of Icy Voracious Grabons Creator of Icy Rahdarian Centurions Creator of Icy Rahdarian Warriors Creator of Icy Scorpolions Creator of Icy Insatiable Grabons Creator of Icy Young Grabons
Ice Kretch carver Ice Scorpion carver Ice Golem carver Ice Arboris carver Ice Demon Hound carver Ice RaskriuTsu carver Ice Daigon carver Ice Scolopendra carver Ice Poisedopus carver Ice Maurin carver Ice Zarlog carver Ice Nepherto carver Ice Troll carver Ice Zarlog Priestess carver Ice Corvus carver Ice Zarlog Chastener carver Ice Dzerug carver Ice Edera carver Ice Habu carver Ice Cerebhound carver Ice Roc carver Ice Yeti carver Ice Taurung carver Ice Possessed Yeti carver Ice GunglXO carver Ice Kretch Butcher carver Ice Bog Elf carver


You can create magnificient ice statuettes by placing 5 identical figurines in the Elt Cube.






By gifting the magnificient ice figures to other warriors, you can receive special achievements:


Magnificent Kretch Ice Statue Magnificent Demon Hound Ice Statue Magnificent Arboris Ice Statue Magnificent Golem Ice Statue Magnificent Scorpion Ice Statue Magnificent RaskriuTsu Ice Statue Magnificent Daigon Ice Statue
Magnificent Pearly Scolopendra Ice Statue Magnificent Poisedopus Ice Statue Magnificent Maurin Ice Statue Magnificent Zarlog Ice Statue Magnificent Nepherto Ice Statue Magnificent Troll Ice Statue Magnificent Zarlog Priestess Ice Statue
Magnificent Corvus Ice Statue Magnificent Zarlog Chastener Ice Statue Magnificent Dzerug Ice Statue Magnificent Habu Ice Statue Magnificent Cerebhound Ice Statue Magnificent Roc Ice Statue Magnificent Yeti Shaman Ice Statue
Magnificent Taurung Ice Statue Magnificent Edera Ice Statue Magnificent Possessed Yeti Ice Statue Magnificent GunglXO Ice Statue Magnificent Kretch Butcher Ice Statue Magnificent Bog Elf Ice Statue Magnificent Rahdarian Centurion Ice Figurine
Magnificent Rahdarian Warrior Ice Figurine Magnificent Sand Scorpolion Ice Figurine Magnificent Insatiable Grabon Ice Figurine Magnificent Voracious Grabon Ice Figurine Magnificent Young Grabon Ice Figurine


But in the snowdrifts there can also be found something even more valuable -  Frozen Elixir . After breaking it, you can obtain excellent combat elixirs.




With a proper persistance, you can not only get useful potions, but also earn the seasonal achievements for the breaking frozen elixirs.


Free the Potion! Ice Block Smasher  Ice Block Crusher Ice Pick Master Ice Block Annihilator Mass processing of ice cubes


Warriors, like little kids, are sculpting Snowball from the snowdrifts and throwing them at the passers-by. Those, who make the big stocks of snowballs, are rewarded with appropriate achievements.


The first snowball is not the last! Pile of Snowballs Snowball store Plenty of snowballs Need more snowballs!


Nature has completed another circle: to the world of Faeo with a soft walk came winter. Let's welcome the snow-white guest, heroes! May winter time brings you luck and excellent mood!



After using the card game you will get:



Note! The card game can only be used once a day and only when the event is active.
Stop the winter threat!
Here and there from the snowdrifts appeared evil messengers from the far northern lands. The flesh of those creatures is from shining snow, instead of arms - tree branches and in the eyes - cold sparkling flames of rage. Although, Snowgers look a little awkward, but to deal with them is not so easy!
For the victory against the evil Snowgers , with a low probability you can get Snowdrift, Christmas Ice Block, Magic Snowflake or New Year Ice Pellet! And among the trophies that you get in other battles you will be able to find collectional coins with symbols of the upcoming year.


The curious little dragon Urchi is interested in what happens in the world of Feo during the event. Don't forget to speak to him and help him understand the world of Feo.


Quest available for players of level 3 and higher
Available daily
Reward: Magic Snowflake x1


New year is a magical time of the year. Every lover strives to make a pleasant surprise for his half. The love and hearts of the attendants of wedding palaces – ritualists – did not pass by. Who became  Langri’s chosen one? What beauty charmed  Rubaddu?
Help the ritualists with the task and find out who took possession of their heart.

Character level: from 1st and above.
Available: one time, from December 04
Quest reward: Total  Magic Snowflake   x20


 Globius and  Avelius have almost finished working on a new invention, a machine that can clean snow much faster than trivial ways!

But to complete the project they will need some help from you. Make sure to visit  Globius on  Pacifist Hills or  Avelius in  Thorn Apple Brushwood, perhaps in gratitude they will give one of these machines!


Quest available : to warriors from level 3 and above.

Accessible: One time.


Globius and Avelius are not only ingenious inventors, who have given Faeo many discoveries, but also masters of mechanical affairs, whose specialty are the wonderful clockwork toys!

Without these miraculous creations, winter holidays would lose their magical atmosphere. But what a misfortune, the masters keep missing thin gears needed to create new toys...

First batch of cogwheels Who wants some cogwheels? More cogwheels Countless cogwheels
Help  Globius and  Avelius to replenish the reserves of valuable gears and contribute to the preparation for the long-awaited celebrations!

Quest available : to characters from level 3 and above.

Accessible: alwyas (restricted by the daily limit on gears collection)

Reward: Magic Snowflake x1, Frozen elixirs.

Attention! You can get no more than 100 gears daily (sum of all types). Gears can be exchanged with other players. When collecting resources there is a 20% chance of getting 1 random gear. When killing monsters (your level or no more than 1 level below), the chance of getting 1 random gear is 100%. Killing a super-being (your level or no more than 1 level below) will bring you 3 random gears. And also with the victory on the Battlefields (Arena, Arena of Equals, Temple, Temple of Equal, Caves, Caves of Equals, Meridian Vaults) you are guaranteed to get 3 random gears.



The appearance of the evil creatures concerned the  Warlord Gidver who can be found in Dartrong arena and  Warlord Damirus, who is settled in arena of O'Delvays. The Warlords are interested in finding out the weaknesses of the enemy and have prepared you a couple of tasks.
You will have to bring to the alchemists  Veddun or  Cagliostro, some Snowger branches , so the artisans could make a special potion for the fighting with the evil creatures.
10 15


Quest is  available : for the warriors from level 3 and above.

Accessible: one time

Rewards: Ever-burning Heat Potion   x2, opening a constant exchange of branches in the "Alchemist's Shop"

The Warlords  Gidver and   Damirus are interested in the appearance of a strange Moss from the battlefields and are sending you to gather it.


After getting  the strange Moss at the battlefield,  go to the  alchemists     Veddun  or    Cagliostro , so they could prepare some New Year potions from the gathered resource.


1   315


Quest is  available : for the warriors of level 3 and above.

Accessible: one time

Rewards:  Christmas Elixir of Giant   x3,  Christmas Elixir of Life  x15, opening a constant exchange of moss in the "Alchemist's Shop".


As a drop from hunting, now you can get commemorative coins in honor of celebrating the coming New Year!
Add the unique coins to your collection or gain from them handful of silver or with some more luck - gold.


The Elder    Baguron  at  O'Delvays square  and the Elder    Verkiry  at  Dartrong square  are waiting for the brave warriors, who are ready to help with the search of festive decorations for the main Christmas tree of the city.



You will be able to get decorations for the Christmas tree finding the  colored baubles and nicely wrapped presents scattered all around the world of Faeo.




Quest is  available : for the warriors from level 3 and above.

Accessible: every 23 hours (separately for each hand-in)

Rewards: Magic Snowflake  x1,  Ginger Mead*.

* corresponding to the level


Christmas tree at the estate and clan gift


For the New Year celebrations in Faeo   is being prepared  not only in the winding village streets and bustling metropolitan areas, but also in private estates, hidden from prying eyes by high walls.



Right now is the time  to set up in the estates your own Christmas tree , which will be guarded by  forest eldrick . The nimble little animal will be busy with the decoration of the festive tree, so every day it will have new requests for you



And the more requests of the eldrick you will fulfill, the more generous it will be later with pleasant surprises.  All kinds of gifts from the fire-tailed animal you will find under the Christmas tree till January 9th!


Christmas tree

(Level 1)

Christmas tree

(Level 2)

Christmas tree

(Level 3)

Christmas tree

(Level 4)

Christmas tree

(Level 5)


the quest

7 4 6 5


ATTENTION!  On the day of raising Christmas tree level you will be able to fulfill two tasks, not one like usually. Keep this in mind when building the Christmas tree. The task for improving the Christmas tree will be available until January 9th.


Rewards: Magic Snowflake x1 (for each task)
Gifts under the tree (from January 1st): Magic Snowflake x1, seasonal food, gifts, silver coins of the year


On the New Year's eve, the warriors of Faeo, have a great opportunity to stock themselves and their clan mates with unique gifts. Jewellers  Korundum and  Esmeril are waiting for the heads of the clans at the city squares of  Dartrong and  O'Delvays.
For the work jewellers will need a special Northern Ice, which can be found in the snowdrifts or in the piles of snow remaining after the battles with Snowgers. From the amount of Northern Ice handed in by whole clan, depends the quality of the gift: if it will be a graceful tower or a sparkling castle. 
All warriors of the clans, which have one of the ice fortresses made by jewellers, is awaiting a holiday surprise. After the New Year's coming, during the time of one week, all players of the clans with ice fortress miniatures, will receive valuable gifts. The more effort clan put in manufacturing the luxury ice fortresses, the more valuable will be the New Year's gifts.
950 1100 1200 1350 1500


After handing in a certain amount of the resource - Northern Ice, your fortress will become more luxurious and unique. The required amount of resources to improve the ice fortress you can see in the table above. That means, after handing in only 1500 pieces of the resource - Winter Stronghold will be yours.


ATTENTION!  Each clan member can hand in 5 pcs of Northern Ice not more than once per day. To hand in the Northern Ice you can until 31st of December inclusively.

ATTENTION!  Clan statistics are updated once a day. The changes about handing in the resource during the day,  you will be able to see in the beginning of each subsequent day.



Preparations for the holidays have also reached the Otherworld.



Clan members will receive an additional reward when completing Oracle quests - Magic Snowflake x1.


The battles for the ships with fir trees
Faeo is in full swing of preparing for the long awaited New Year holidays. And what a holiday without a Christmas tree? Of course, the merchants of both races took care of that their people wouldn't be left without a furry guest. And under the broad sails straight-sided galleons are hurrying to the coasts of Ogriy and Khair, trying to bring on time a couple of beautiful fir trees to the  Dartrong and  O'Delvays. And all would be fine, if not one small problem, which as always occurred in the eternal confrontation of both races. 
Humans and Magmars are dreaming, that exactly at their city square the fir tree would appear firstly. Isn't it a reason for a glorious battle, warriors? Would you miss the opportunity to face each other again and prove, that your race is the strongest? After all, the main idea of the battle is not only to compete who's stronger: exactly at the winner's of the battle city square the fir tree will appear for 3 days earlier!
Attention! The earlier you will have the fir tree - the more snowflakes you will be able to get as a result of the event! Don't miss this opportunity!
  The battles schedule
09.12 - - 16:00 20:00


12:00 16:00 20:00


12:00 16:00 20:00


12:00 - -
To move to the ships you can by using a special compass, which will appear in the location interface during the time of the battle. The battles itselves take place strictly by schedule, which is listed in the table.
Attention!  In the battles with the captains of the ships, your weapons and equipment will not break!
The battle for the fir tree completed!


As long as rivers and lakes of the both lands are freezing deeper and deeper, the sea in last days almost boiled! Its surging waves were generously poured with blood and lava, fiery spells were lifting from the surface the vapor clouds, and from the angry curses, flying from the lips of warriors, even the shoals of fearless fishes were fainting and floating by bellies up.
The endless battle between humans and magmars was on the decks of the ships delivering the festive fir trees to the capitals! However, the ruthless battle came to an end and one of the metropolitan areas has a beautiful green festive fir tree.


2 12
12 7
2 7
7 7
7 7
Attention! To exchange resources for the snowflakes is possible not more than once per day! Available only one exchange per day of one of the resources. To exchange two different sets of resources in 1 day is impossible.
The happy winners can start decorating their fir tree, so there would be a good use of three extra days, wrested from the enemy in the hot battles. After all, the more beautiful your Christmas tree will become until the holidays, the more generous with gifts it will be in the first two weeks of the New Year. For handing in the resources to create decorations for the Christmas tree you will get Magic snowflakes!

Attention!  The fir tree in the capital of those who lost the battle - will appear on the 15th of December in the middle of the day.



Accessible quests:


Lost presents

Snow games
Lost decorations Festive joy
Christmas fireflies Experimental fireworks


In the central squares of Dartrong and O'Delvays appeared the New Year's targets.




For throwing snowballs to the target you will be rewarded, depending on the score you made.



To make a series of throws to the target is allowed not more than once per hour. Also, after accurately hitting the target and scoring not less than 18 points, you will get an achievement..


Eagle Eye

Invaders from the frosty lands
The hordes of Wild Yetis left their frosty homes and rushed to the lands of  Ogriy and  Khair, to expel the local inhabitants.
These uncouth invaders do not know how to fight with swords or spears, but they easy can tear into pieces anyone, who gets under their sharp claws and fangs.

Forget for a moment about your common affairs and concerns, to stand in the way of invaders from frosty lands! Moreover, not only respect and acknowledgement will reward the heroes: defeating a Yeti you will have chance to get Magic snowflakes, Christmas elixirs and icicles!
Attention!  Using Ever-burning Heat Potion you will be able to effectively kill the Yeti!
Revenge for the northern savages


It's hard to imagine how much grief the hordes of rampaging Yetis brought to the inhabitants of both lands! Many villages were destroyed and a lot of blood and lava spilled... The time has come for revenge to the invaders for their crimes!
For this, the wise mages of humans and magmars soon will open the gates, leading straight to the frosty home of the horned northern savages. And then will be needed the bravest warriors to rush to the Isles of the eternal frost, where the countless enemy hordes, led by shamans, are preparing for the battles. Only defeating the savages in their own domains and covering their chopped off horns with snow, can permanently discourage Yetis to hunt at the lands of  Ogriy and  Khair!
Battles schedule
Lvl 1-5

25.12 10:00

26.12 14:00

Lvl 6-10 25.12 12:00 26.12 16:00
Lvl 11-15 25.12 10:00 26.12 14:00
Lvl 16-19 25.12 12:00 26.12 16:00
The final battles with terrifying invaders will be led by the Warlords. The strength of the warriors, that will take a risk to enter the battle, will be multiplied to such level, that will allow to fight by equal conditions with all fighters within this level group.



After all battles will be finished and the Yetis will be expelled from the lands of the humans and magmars, the Spirit of the New Year will award each warrior, who took part and showed the results in the final battles. The amount of the rewards will depend on the results of the battles. As a reward for taking part in the battles, each warrior will get additional Magic Snowflake and Frozen Elixir
Attention! If the warrior takes part in the final battles with Yetis under the effect of invisibility - the reward for him will NOT be given.
Attention!  The battles with Yetis will be divided according to the levels of the warriors by groups: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16+
Attention!  The portal for the battles with Yetis will be available by the quest "The Way to the Shaman shelter" at the Spirit of the New Year (that lives in the Christmas tree at the city squares).
Reward time

Valiant warriors, on the eve of the New Year is the time to amuse yourselves with long-awaited curiosities. Snow shop has just opened the doors for all – so hurry to exchange the gathered Magic snowflakes for wonderful goods from all over Faeo! 

Look around, and a wealthy festive assortment will impress you deeply. These high oak and upholstered in the soft velvet shelves are full of various goods: here you can find magical amulets for summoning mounts, luxurious style weapons, that give new strength, a variety of Christmas gifts from overseas and magic potions, that in one moment can change the course of a difficult battle.
This is just a small part of all the goods, that caring sellers are offering for you, so come, take a look and choose! 

You can read more about the event rewards on the special page of the Infoportal.

Warriors of Faeo! Your help has proved invaluable to the scholars of science  Globius and  Avelius! The gears that you have assembled turned out to be so many that these talented mechanics were able to collect everything that they planned!

Of course, you yourself will also not be left without a reward  Globius and  Avelius left specially for you some of the most interesting toys that you can give to your family and friends, or leave it to your memory!

If you have contributed to the collection of gears (having completed the task 20 or more times during the same event), you will be able to receive these gifts from the hands of mechanics!

Attention! Getting a set of toys will become available together with the beginning of the stage of the awards of the December seasonal event, you can get them from Globius and Avelius. You can get no more than 1 set of toys for 1 event. The tasks of Globius and Avelius will be available annually during the event. The delivery of the gears is available throughout the main stage of the event.


You can get a special December bags from  Chigrik the Thief and  Gloum the Swindler, who live in  Glade of Dreams and  Barrow of Sadness, for gold and diamonds. They contain 30 pcs of Magic Snowflake.



Attention!  Each bag can be purchased only once! 

December - Winter Time! December - Christmas! Pompom Jig Under the New Year Banner! December Arhas Beastmaster Favour of the Lazurite Statuette

December Offering to the Crimson Roc Shackles of Cerberus Memory The gifts of the Lazurite acorn Supreme Spirit’s Assistant: December Mechanical Tuver Assembly: December

Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: December Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: December

Vanilla Ice Cream - a tasty treat!  Innkeeper, 100 portions of vanilla ice cream! Once you taste the ice cream you just can’t stop! Nearly a thousand portions of ice cream Hide the ice cream - I am coming! Is there any ice cream left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner!  Legendary ice cream eater



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