Treasure Hunters
Available: from Level 9. During the quest «Path to treasure» from Globius and Avelius
From the time of your childhood you have heard stories of ancient treasures, the time has come to go in search of them. The scientists   Globius and  Avelius will give you the task «Path to treasure», which will help you to find out how to make a unique tool – Simple Treasure Hunter Opticus. With help of this tool, you will go to search for ancient treasures. When your treasure searching skills satisfies the picky scientists, they will open you the door to the Treasure Hunters shop, where you can find improved tool for treasure search and other valuables.
All warriors, who have reached level 9, can go search for the treasure.
First of all, for the treasures search, you will need maps. You can get them by fulfilling the tasks of the residents of Faeo once every 2 days:






Bottle for treasure hunters

 Sailor Baird
 Sailor Seymour

from 0 reputation

up to 1000 reputation


Envelope on the sidelines

 Wanderer Hovey
 Wanderer Linszey

from 1000 reputation

up to 2000 reputation


Map of fire paws

 Demonologist I-Vidi
 Demonologist Berrush

from 2000 reputation

up to 3000 reputation

Fulfilling tasks, you will get map scraps (if lucky, the whole map). Also, these scraps can be found in caches located in different areas of Faeo. With 4 map scraps you can make one whole map. The minimum level of reputation of treasure hunters required to obtain scraps from caches is 20, and their color depends on its current value.

Maps and map scraps



Map scrap





Once you have the map, you can go search for the treasure. For that, you need to use the map. You can use the map only if it's level is equal or lower than yours. When searching for the treasure by map, you need appropriate level Opticus. For example, a Simple Treasure Hunter Opticus can be used with Half-decayed Treasure Map.
Using the Faeo World map you can find the designated location in which the treasure is hidden.
When you reach the needed location open hunt mode, you can start searching for the treasure. Once you click “use” on the map you have 1 hour in which to locate the treasure.
Important! If you have difficulty in searching for the treasure using the flashing colors of the Opticus, we recommend you put a checkmark in your character's’ personal profile settings on the line  “Text hints when searching for treasure" - after that, you will get additional information in the hunt screen that says, "far", "near" or "next to!"

Remember that: Remember that: Opticus energy is limited for a certain number of tries, after that you will need to fill up its' energy again. To do this, you simply move the mouse cursor on the Opticus and choose the option «Repair». Please pay attention, that maximum energy of the Opticus, after repairing, isn't getting lower.
Depending on the map, that you have, you will be able to find one of the chests:
Attention! With the highest probability you will get the chest corresponding the rarity of the map, with lower probability - 1 grade below, with low probability - 2 grades below, with minimum probability - 3 grades below the rarity of the map.

You can open the chest with help of the special keys or solving the puzzle, that was left by ancient people. To solve this puzzle, you need to rotate the wheels of the lock until the marks on the wheels line up in one line in the upper part of the mechanism. If you can't solve the puzzle in the allotted number of turns, the lock will become stuck and you will have to start all over again.
The difficulty of the puzzle depends on the quality of the chest: the more valuable chest, the more difficult to unlock it. If you could not solve the puzzle, the chest can be also opened using a special key, which can be produced by skilled locksmiths. The recipes, for making those special keys, locksmiths can buy at   Ostap and  Soygura.
You can also open the chest by paying in  Diamonds.
Every successful opening of the chest will give you 5 Treasure Hunters Reputation points:

Opening of Chests



Reputation limit

up to 500

up to 1000

up to 2000
up to 2500
up to 3000
In the chests you can find any quantity of Elfin Coin, which you can exchange for goods in the Treasure Hunters shop:
You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 25 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restriction on getting the reputation:
Completed quest «Encountering Treasure Hunters: Path to Treasure»
For level 9: reputation can be increased up to  500
For level 10: reputation can be increased up to 1000
For level 11: reputation can be increased up to 2000

Treasure Hunters shop







Besides the coins, in the chests you can also find new maps or their scraps, Treasure Hunters collection fragments, and if you are very lucky, you can find the fragments required to assembly a unique pet and mount:


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