This gigantic winged dragon was created by Sheara, Mistress of the Dragons, from the energy of the race of Magmars. Striagorn embodies the strength and ideology of the Magmars. He is renowned for his temper and his appearance, before which all tremble. The flames that issue from Striagorn’s fire-breathing maw are enough to destroy every living thing for many yards around.


      He sees the main purpose of his existence in the World of Faeo as the fight against the Servants of Chaos. He has no personal enemies and shows a child-like devotion to Sheara. He is ready to lay down his life to save the World of Faeo, but is philosophical in his attitude to his charges, the Magmars, not over-taxing his dragon brain with thoughts of the fate of the race entrusted to his care. He feels no hatred for his eternal opponent, the silver dragon Erifarius, understanding the need for their clashes. 








    Created by Sheara, Mistress of the Dragons, from the energy of the race of Humans, the giant, fire-breathing Erifarius is a magnificent, unforgettable sight. The dragon’s silver skin ripples in the sunlight so that it glows with a wondrous radiance. Erifarius embodies the Humans’ system of beliefs and their combined power. He is calm by nature, sometimes even genial, but at the same time a fearless and determined fighter.

  He considers it his duty, calling and aim in life to win back Faeo from the Servants  of Chaos. He is much taken with Elvish poetry. He regards his great opponent Striagorn with condescension, not disparaging his fighting abilities, but considering him to be a creature of lower intellect. He regards the Humans with respect, a feeling that is mutual.  



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