Heavenly Valley of the Dwarfs

Available from level 4, after completing the quest "The Stairway to Heaven".





The inhabitants of the world of Faeo have only recently become acquainted with the dwarf people who live in the clouds. The way there is extremely difficult, but what can stop a brave warrior? The heavenly valley of the dwarves holds many unknown treasures, because wise dwarves have collected knowledge and relics for hundreds of years. Now it's time to look behind the secrets! Perform the daily tasks of the dwarves, learn the secrets of their craftsmanship and buy amazing artifacts at the fair.



Let's go, warriors! Open the entrance to the beautiful valley of the dwarves already!




Stairway to Heaven


After completing the quest "The Stairway to Heaven", you will discover a beautiful valley beyond the clouds, the home of the dwarven people. You can now prove your best intentions to the honorable dwarves by completing the daily tasks of the valley inhabitants and the quest "Cards in the Wind", which can be completed only once.


Grateful dwarves will gladly share their knowledge and riches with you, allowing you to improve your reputation as a Sky Valley dwarf. Be warned, however, that things are different in the Valley of the Dwarves: To complete quests, you will need special fair tickets, which you will receive from the Dwarf of Foemir in exchange for a certain amount of Dwarf of the Valley of Heaven reputation. These tickets are valuable. Each time you receive a ticket, your reputation will decrease by 10 points per fair ticket.






Fairground vendors will also gladly accept tickets as payment for their fancy merchandise. Please note: From the Medal of Recognition you can buy Golden Ticket to the Fair required by the Chronicler Gelamber in exchange for Golden Shamrock.





Note that Medals of Recognition can be purchased in the store for tickets. Dwarves are wary of letting outsiders in on their secrets. But those who prove their loyalty will be rewarded with a special Medal of Worship. Note, however, that the dwarves only sell the Medal of Worship to their fair regulars, so you'll have to work hard to earn some achievements to be able to buy it.


Also, each dwarf medal from the Valley of Heaven determines the maximum amount of reputation you can get:

Medal max. Reputation
- 500
Medal of Recognition 1000
Medal of Friendship 2000
Medal of Respect 3000





This reputation can be exchanged for tickets, which you can use to complete daily tasks and buy items in the store - including other medals. The medals also grant you access to a variety of dwarven goods!






Items available

0 -





Collectors will get their money's worth at the fair: Numerous achievements await you!


Gild My Palm! Novice researcher Energetic archer A bucket for me, a broom for you Never too many toys! Fairground Entertainment Expert


Everyone knows that dwarves are great lovers of valuables, so 6 new collections await you. Check out the "Cards" and "Companions" sections!





Enter the valley of heaven!




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