Championship of another world


„Oh well,” said  Elder Baguron to  Elder Verkiry, “there is this funny thing called football in one of the other worlds. Too bad that our youngsters are only interested in killing each other!” - “Yes,” sighed  Elder Verkiry, “imagine we could have such a tournament in Faeo!” Both Elders got bright eyes imagining it. 



“Oh you silly old men!”,  Soygura said, “you really think it could work here? There would be blood battles on the pitches and spectators would run mad and pointing their swords on everyone in their way!” The Elders nodded agreeingly. For a while there was silence, while each of them was enjoying his Shizbeer at the harbour pub in Vurdaliya. Once a month several honorables of each continent meet in one of the pubs talking about how the world has changed whilst having a drink. 


Suddenly  Pandrik the Wise jumped, waving his hands in excitement. “What’s wrong, old man?”,  Gidver asked, “Did you loose your glasses again?” - “No no!”, the old man replied. “Do you know if  Givens still has this weird machine called television in his backroom?” All were looking rather puzzled, but then one of them said:”I think it is still there, but broken. Maybe  Avelius and  Globius could take a look and repair it.” - “Yes, yes!”,  Pandrik shouted in excitement. “And maybe they can invent something so we can watch the football matches from the other world as well.” Now also the Elders got excited: “We could put up huge white screens on our city squares and all warriors could watch the games from there!” Everyone now came with new ideas how this championship could be made a big event in Faeo as well.


The Ladies  Cordelia and  Guinevere were looking at eachother and then  Lady Guinevere said: " We found a casket near the giant abyssal fault that has opened up in the lands of ancient races, which, by an incredible coincidence, fell into Faeo from another reality." The Elders were inspecting the find and got even more excited as it turned out to be a magical football champion chest. Soon more ideas were discussed and finally they all came up with a great event which can bring all warriors joy and distraction every two years!


The Spellcasters Tickets ( Admin-Event)
Countdown of the Otherworld Championship ( Jesters-Event)
Extra points ( Jesters-Event)
Rewards ( Jesters-Event)



 The Spellcasters Tickets


Spirit casters once again touched another world, which ,  by an incredible coincidence, came to Faeo from another reality!




During the event, you will have access to the Otherworld Championship Quest, in which you can choose one of the countries and purchase a ticket for the selected country. The ticket price is 10  coins. The proceeds from ticket sales form the  prize pool of the championship.

During the event, Lady Cordelia and Lady Guinevere will open their Otherworld Championship Shop, where you can purchase  additional tickets for the selected country. Diamonds spent in the Otherworld Championship Shop will also be used to form the championship diamond fund , with the exception of 30% held by  Lady Cordelia and  Lady Guinevere to support an Otherworld event.



Pay attention to the cost of additional tickets


During the first week it will be 2,, during the second week of the event, the cost of tickets will be 7,5 , during the third week  15 . It will be possible to purchase an additional ticket during the fourth week of the event for 22,5  .

During the rewards stage , you can use purchased tickets to receive useful gizmos and Football Match Coin as a gift . Also at this time, the process of formation of  and  prize funds will be completed.  
Please note:
he  fund will be distributed among all participants of the championship who have chosen the winner.  The  fund will be divided among participants who chose a winner and purchased more than one ticket during the event. 


A shop with useful items that you can purchase with Football Match Coin  will be open throughout the event. 

For every 5  spent in the store, you will receive:


2 2  


In addition, you will receive one of the following items:


1131 113 

*The number of Truth Crystals and Platinum Thalers depends on your luck and ranges from 10 to 100 pcs. The obtained Crystals of Truth and the Spark of Heavenly Flame are non-transferable.
You will also receive a Gold Sphere of the Fan as a gift if you haven't received it before.

The fascinating championship of another world will not leave anyone indifferent. An incredible adventure and pleasant rewards await you! 



Please pay attention to the following:

The coins which were spent on selecting the country through the lady's quest dialogue form the prize fund of the championship. These funds will be distributed among the players who chose the winning country.

The championship fund is formed from the funds spent by all players in the Otherworld Championship Shop, which will be open throughout the event. These funds will be distributed among the players who have chosen the winning country and who have purchased at least one additional ticket for .

If you win, you will receive a portion of the prize pool in proportion to the number of tickets you purchased. This applies to both the and prize pools.

Example: The prize pool is 1,000 . Maxim bought 8 tickets and Anton bought 2. Both players choose the winning country. Maxim will get 800 , and Anton will get 200 .




 Countdown of the Otherworld Championship


10-9-8 ... soon the best football teams will compete to decide who will be the best football nation!



Whilst they sweat on the green field, the Elders have asked to their  Jesters to open a betting shop for you to show your knowledge of this strange game. The  Jesters gladly want to give you the opportunity to place your bets for every match in the upcoming tournament.




The points will be distributed as follows:


Correct score = 5 points (Score = correct winner and correct score)

Correct trend = 3 points (Trend = correct winner but wrong score)

Everything else = 0 points


Only the result after 90 minutes will be counted. No extra-time, no penalty shoot-out.




Each user has only ONE BET per game. If you place more than one bet per game only the first one will count.



How to post


To keep things clear, please post in the manner below:


Link of your character:

Home Team : Visiting Team (for example: Russia 7 : France 7)


and so on for all the matches


In general:

Thread for the first match will be online 24 hours before the first match is starting in a separate thread in the forum.







 Extra Points


For a limited time only you can gain additional points added to your total scores. The Seers wanted to see about your abilities to predict the future and have suggested to test you! 



 First week of the tournament the Seers want you to predict ...


TOP 3 teams …

Another 15pts can be won if you can foresee the correct TOP3 teams in the correct order.

Up to 10 points if you predict the right teams but wrong order.


… Teams in the final …

Another 10pts can be gained if you can tell us the correct teams playing in the final.


… the winner of the tournament …

20pts are waiting for you if you already can tell us the winning team of the tournament.


 Jesters will open a separate thread for you where you can place your bets.


How to post


Place your bet as folllows:


Link of your character:



- Team A
- Team G
- Team E


Teams in final

Team A vs. Team B


Winner team of the tournament

Team X




In the second week of the tournament you will be challenged to predict ...

... TOP scorer and number of his goals ...

If your prediction (Top scorer and goals) is correct we add 15 pts to your scoresheet.

If you only predict the Top scorer correct, we add another 10 pts.


... and the amount of red and yellow cards …

5pts we will award you if you predict us the correct number of red cards during the tournament.

5pts we will award you if you predict us the correct number of yellow cards.


 Jesters will open a separate thread for you where you can place your bets.


How to post


Place your bet as folllows:


Link of your character:


Top scorer

Scorer (goals)


Red/yellow cards

Red card - 123

Yellow card - 456








The  Administration in cooperation with Sheara have taken over the sponsorship for this event, so nice rewards will await you.



1. Prize:









4-10. Prize:



11-25. Prize:



26-50. Prize:



51-100. Prize:



101+. Prize:




In case there is joint places in TOP3 the number of correct scores (5pts) will decide.

Rewards might change every two years!



To participate, you must be level 3 or more and have no active curses.

 We wish you lots of fun and good luck!



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