Astral Hunters

Can be received:
Starting from level 13


Stone architect 
in the Otherworld


Reputation is awarded for victory over Astral projections of super-beings. To summon a projection, it is necessary to kill a certain super-being in its lair (super-beings summoned by a deck, totem or other means do not count), and then use a special object - Astral Projector, which can be purchased at the Astral Hunter Shop. Access to the Shop is opened after completing the initiation assignment.

Each projector can only be used once, additionally, warriors will also have only one attempt to kill the projection. You will not be able to summon the projections in the same instance a second time, regardless of the outcome of the battle. Therefore you should prepare as good as possible for the fight!

It should be noted that the astral projections powers are way more superior than their originals and have extremely dangerous skills. However, a group of five skillful players should be quite capable of killing the superbeeing.

Important! You will be able to receive trophies and reputation only from those projections that suit your level and reputation restrictions! Take this fact into consideration when gathering a group for the hunting.

If you doubt your abilities or can not find enough allies, you can buy special amulets that summon Astral Spirits in the Astral Hunter Shop. The mere presence of these creatures in combat significantly weakens the Astral projections.

If you win over the Astral projection, the members of the group will receive reputation points, as well as a number of Astral fragments. Stone Architect will help you turn these fragments into energy crystals that serve as "batteries" for a foreign device - Impulser.

When using this device, you will receive a powerful blessing for 1 hour. As reputation grows, you can improve the device to obtain a stronger blessing.

In addition, with a small probability when killing the astral projection, you can find a particularly large Astral fragment (Astral artifact), which can be handed to the Architect for obtaining additional reputation points and Astral fragments.
Artifact Reputation Fragments
Faint Astral Artefact +20 points 
(up to 500)
5 pcs.
Twinkling Astral Artefact +20 points 
(up to 1000)
7 pcs.
Sparkling Astral Artefact +20 points 
(up to 2000)
9 pcs.
Bright Astral Artefact +20 points 
(up to 2500)
11 pcs.
Gleaming Astral Artefact +20 points 
(up to 3000)
15 pcs.

The assortment of objects that allow the summoning of projections is strictly limitedOnly the devices, the use of which does not require the warriors to use the skills they have not yet mastered are on sale. As you earn reputation, the chances of successful attacks and the chances of destroying the Astral projections of the super-beings, as well as the Architect's trust in you will increase, and the assortment of projectors in his store will be expanded.
Available Projectors Restrictions Awarded 
Astral Projector: Harcide from level 13
with 0 reputation
+20 points
(up to 500)
8-12 pcs
Astral Projector: Gurraldiy Korr from level 13
with 0 reputation
+20 points
(up to 500)
7-15 pcs
Astral Projector: Kretch Butcher from level 14
with 0 reputation
+20 points
(up to 1000)
11-15 pcs
Astral Projector: Bog Elf from level 15
with 500 reputation
+20 points
(up to 1500)
12-16 pcs
Astral Projector: Spider Patriarch from level 16
with 1000 reputation
+20 points
(up to 2000)
12-17 pcs
Astral projector - King of Scorpions from level 17
with 2000 reputation
+20 points
(up to 2500)
13-18 pcs
Astral Projector - Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul from level 18
with 2500 reputation
+20 points
(up to 3000)
14-19 pcs
By winning reputation points, you will get access to special goods. The more points you will get, the more diverse will be the choice of products you can get. You can buy reputational goods in the Stone Architect's Astral Hunter Shop in the Otherworld.

Goods for reputation




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