Own shadow - a special assistant in combat, which becomes available to players from level 7, after completing the quest «Unruly Shadow». The shadow gets experience and valor for the damage inflicted in combat and can grow on level and rank just like usual warriors. If entering the game you suddenly find yourself under unknown evil curse, go to  Necromancer at Vassal's Tombs or  Koeshu the Necromancer, who lives in Clan Burial Grounds. Quest «Unruly Shadow» becomes available immediately after the Devastating Filth curse falling on you.

The higher shadows level, the better its attributes and the better equipment is available for it. The shadow can be equipped with special shadow items, which can be made from usual armor and weapons.

After you receive the shadow, in your backpack appears a new tab - Shadow,  which contains three more sections: Attributes, Equipment and Skills.
Shadow has all the same attributes as usual player: strength, vitality, agility, intuition and etc. Those attributes are increasing each time you raise the level of the shadow, they also increase from the equipment the shadow is wearing. Taking part in combat, the shadow earns experience points and valor (like usual player for the inflicted damage). After gathering enough experience points, you can raise the shadows level, by pressing appropriate button in your profile. For this, you will also need to pay a certain amount of Twilight Coins, which you can get by completing special quests given by your Own shadow. The same system is used to raise the shadows rank. Please pay attention, that the level and rank of the shadow, can not exceed the level and rank of its owner.

The shadow starts its path together with its owner being level 7 and with starting rank -  Recruit, not looking at what rank has its owner.

Important! If you get the shadow being higher level than 8, it automatically gets the needed amount of experience for getting appropriate level, which can not be higher than 1 level below yours.

Important! Your shadow will not gain valour if its level is more than 2 below yours.

The shadow can be equipped with special shadow items, which in many ways are analogous to the usual ones.  Shadow items can be worn only by shadow and only if shadow has required level and rank. Please pay attention, that shadow items have the same restrictions on style as the items for usual players, that means, if you equip your shadow with items of different styles, it will receive significant punishments in combat. Shadow items can not break and they do not occupy the space in backpack, also they can not be destroyed for any crystals or fragments.

For each level and combat style, there are two types of shadow items - rare (green) ones  and unique (blue) ones, which have improved attributes. You can get the items for your Own shadow transforming the usual armor or weapons with a special item - Shadow Transformation CharmRemember, that after the transformation, the usual item will be destroyed together with all runes, bezels and built-in magics.

You can transform any usual armor and weapons from level 6, starting with the rare (green) ones. All rare (green), unique (blue) and artful (purple) items, not requiring the rank, will be transformed into rare (green) shadow items, also not requiring the rank. All unique (blue) and artful (purple) items, that require the rank, will be transformed into unique (blue) shadow items, with improved attributes, that also will be requiring the rank for equipping them.

Read more detailed information here.

In this section, you can set up your shadow skills (spells), which it will be using in combat. In order that your Own shadow aquired a particular skill, you must study a special shadow folio. All studied skills are displayed on the right side of the screen. In order that shadow could use them in combat, you need to put those skills in the spell circle on the left side of the screen. Please pay attention, that the number of slots for skills is limited. The shadow will gain additional slots for skills reaching the certain ranks and levels of experience.

Skill slots

Gaining requirements

1 Shadow level 7
+1 Shadow level 12
+1 Shadow rank "Champion"
+1 Shadow rank "War Master"
+1 Shadow rank "Higher Master"
+1 Shadow rank "Lord of the Battle"
+1 Shadow rank "Chosen by Gods"

Important! The shadow has a built-in skill, which is always active: it can instantly recover 50% of life twice during the combat.
Almost all of the shadow skills cost mana. The level of mana for the shadow is limited, so during the combat it can use its skills a limited number of times.


Folio Cost   Skills Folio Cost
32   5
29 50   35
37 20   25
11   90
19 90   70
25   17 50
18   20
18   35 50
29   50
All shadow skill folios can be bought in a special Twilight Shop, at  Lady Dawn and  Shadow after getting your Own shadow. Please pay attention, that for the purchase of the majority of folios, some special conditions are required.

Summoning the Shadow
To summon your shadow to combat, you must use the energy of special items - Twilight Crystals. The amount of crystals, which you must spend, depends on the level of shadow. To summon your Own shadow to combat, click the button in the upper left corner.

The shadow can be summoned only once during one battle.

Important! The shadow is fighting only together with its owner. If the owner is killed in the battle, the shadow will stay in the fight, but will be also dead.
Summoning restrictions: To summon your shadow is not possible: in the Great Battles, Under Water (and in similar places, where the calling of summons and mounts is forbidden), in the Tournament of Worship, in some quest battles, where the participation of the summons is not allowed.

Shadow Quests
Shadow - is not only your helper in combat, it is also your companion. At any time you can talk to it, using a special item in your backpack - Own Shadow. The shadow can have a variety of quests for you, which will help your shadow to get new and unique equipment, Twilight Coins and other special rewards.
Runic Seals
Using these artefacts, created by the masters of the world of shadows, you can increase the combat attributes of your shadow.


Small Medium Large Great
There are 8 different types of seals, which are divided into 4 levels of quality. Different types of seals allow to inrease different shadow attributes: Strength, Vitality, Intellect, Agility, Protection, Intuition, Durability and Iniciative of the shadow. Seals of each type can be placed more than once. Seal levels: small, medium, large and great.

Attention! Seal of each type can be placed not more than once for each level of the shadow, starting from level 7 and above.

To increase one attribute, you can use seals no more than 14 times in total (1 seal – 1 increase of the attribute). There are restrictions of placing on seals, depending on their quality: for example, the small seals can not be used if the selected attribute was already increased 5 or more times, but, for example, the great seal can be used to increase the selected attribute up to 14 times. Read more about the restrictions – in the table below.

Seal quality level

Limit of use
Small 5 seals
Medium 9 seals
Large 12 seals
Great 14 seals

The higher the quality of the artefact, the more it will cost, so for the warriors, who want to save money, is recommended at the beginning to use small seals and to switch to higher quality seals only after reaching the maximum of 5 seals used, above which, the small seals can not be used anymore.

The number of the used seals can be found in the menu of attributes (Backpack>Shadow>Attributes) of your Own shadow.
Besides the seals, which increase the combat attributes, there is a special great seal  Great Seal of Skills – which can be used at any level of the shadow, but only once. This seal will increase the number of the slots for skills of the shadow by 1.
Besides the whole seals, in the world of Faeo can also be found their fragments. After collecting 12 identical fragments, you can get one random seal, appropriate to collected fragments quality.


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