Defenders of the Continent

Can be received:
Starting from level 10


Not needed

The Defender of the Continent reputation increases when you kill a player of an enemy race in the locations of your continent. Note that the reputation is given only for killing enemies that have successfully attacked players of your own race on your continent (including the Meridian lands). However, killing enemies on locations that do not belong to any race are not taken into consideration for the reputation (these include: Plateau of Silence, Fay-Go, the Isles of Eternal Frost or Swirling Mist). Killing enemies in those locations will not provide you any reputation.
Astral projection of Harcidae
The amount of reputation you receive depends on the amount of players that the defeated enemy has killed on your lands. You can get reputation only from characters from level 8 and above, meanwhile the difference in levels between the invader and the protector does not matter.

Remember! Only those who fight day and night to keep their lands safe are worthy of the «Defender» title! The Warlords will pay special attention to ensuring that no one tries to get this honorable title dishonestly. They swore that every warrior caught in such a deception will face severe punishment, and instead of getting the desired medal, they would forever be branded a shame!
Ogriy Defender respect Khair Defender respect
Reputation depends on the character's race. Magmars earn the «Defender of Khair» reputation, while Humans earn the «Defender of Ogrey» one. In case of a race change, the reputation is replaced automatically with the preservation of its value and the exchange of medals and achievements similar to the one you had before.

There are no limitations to achieving the maximum amount of reputation. Even being on 10th level, you can achieve 3000 reputation points and get a «purple» medal of «Honor», everything depends on you. However, getting a «red» medal of «Worship» will require passing the quest "Always on Guard", which is only available to warriors from level 11.
By gaining reputation you will get access to special products, and the higher its value, the more diverse the assortment becomes. You can buy reputational goods in the Military Repository from the Warlord of your race.  Magmars should speak to  Gidver, and Humans to  Damirus.

Reputational Goods




500 points
1000 points
2000 points
3000 points




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