Ever since the humans have built Well of Fortune at the  O'Delvays Square , and the earth beneath the  Square of Fire has cracked open and became known among the magmars as the Mouth of Fortune, the inhabitants of Faeo never stop testing their fate, throwing coins in the magic altars hoping for good luck. Recently the elders brought good news: it turned out that now and than the fire in the botomless split burns brither than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog.



During these times anyone who throws a handful of coins in the altars has the chance to be noticed by the higher forces and receive quite a real reward ranging from: regular elixirs to unique armour and weapons.


You can throw 1, 5, 1 or 5.
  • Throwing 1 equals throwing 1. However, each diamond thrown in the Well will guarantee you at least 1 additional reward.
  • Throwing 5 equals throwing 1 5 times, in terms of regular prizes quantity and the chances of winning a Lucky Dzerug Statuette. Aside from this, the chance of not getting anything has been completely removed, instead you will receive from 5 to 9 random rewards.
  • Throwing 5 equals throwing 5, with the only exception that you will always get the maximum amount of prizes: 9.


Rarity prizes



Rare Prizes

*you can also get other figures from chess sets



Regular Prizes







various collection elements


Having collected all the pieces of the talisman you can assemble the amulet of might:
Lady Fortune smiles upon those, who does not fear risking, and does not like stingy donations. That is why the race, whose warriors have thrown in the  Well of Fortune or  Mouth of Fortune more coins by the time the event ends can count on a reward - reinforced  Amulet of Luck.
The magic of the amulet allows its bearer to get the blessings of the gods that for an entire hour will increase the received valour, gold coins, and also the durability of armour and weapons. 
Amulet of Luck of the winning race will grant a blessing three times.
Amulet of Luck of the other race will give such an advantage only once.
Warriors that take part in the event can get unique achievements, that can be aquired only during the event.
It was a good attempt In the pursuit of success Get to the end Hopeless optimist
A piece of good luck Good luck favourite  Favourite of fortune Darling of fortune
Attention! Over the span of the event «Luck Glow» you will not be able to aquire the achievement «Reach for the Stars».
When donating gold and diamonds to the higher forces, there's a small chance of getting platinum thalers. Thalers drop in addition to the usual prizes and the chance of getting them depends on your premium level.
Test your luck at the  Well of Fortune at O'Delvays Square and  Mouth of Fortune at Square of Fire and take advantage of this oportunity to obtain valuable items and unique achievments.
Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!



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