Abyss and Hand of the Sky
An invisible rift has marked the surface of the magical world and released from its depths terrible elementals, ready to destroy any daredevil who dares to enter this dangerous land. These lands became Abyss and Hand of the Sky - and for their wealth you, the warriors, must fight. Prepare yourselves, it will be a hard and intense battle!
Warriors can enter the Abyss from level 11. You can only get to the areas of the Abyss that correspond to your level.
Players level 11 to 15 get to these places, called Abyss, through the adjacent areas of the Eldives and Krofdors, and players level 16 and above get to the Hand of Heaven through the portals in  Waltreia and  Rumengild.
The areas of the Abyss are roamed by Otherworld elementals. When you destroy these monsters, you can get ordinary things - the same as those from other monsters of similar levels.
But if your race is in possession of the Abyss, you will receive additional loot from defeated elementals:
- Particles of the elements necessary to create a valuable clan resource, an Elemental Amalgamation, without which it is impossible to improve the buildings of the Clan Citadel above level 1-2.
- With a chance you can also get some Shining Stones. Shining stones are highly valued in the Otherworld, so you can exchange them for various Otherworld artifacts in the Otherworld store.
If the location belongs to the enemy race, you will not receive particles and Shining Stones when you kill the otherworld monsters. Likewise, if you attack an enemy player at their location, you will fall victim to a curse that will reduce your damage by 20%. But if you manage to defeat the enemy despite this negative magic effect, you will receive a special reward - some wonderful Purple Stones, which you can also exchange for valuable artifacts in the Otherworld store.
Note, that if you are defeated by the enemy in the area of the Abyss, he will receive a quarter of the elemental particles you possess as a trophy!
How does the conquest of the Abyss and the Hand of the Sky take place?
When the location for the conquest is available, the icon with a flag is displayed under its symbol. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you can get information about the level of the Abyss, the time until the battle starts and the controlling side of the Abyss.
The fight for control of the place, can start any hero who is a member of a clan and has a rank that gives him such authority.
To start the battle, you need to enter the location and click on the "Start Battle" button located at the top of the screen.
In this case, all warriors of the corresponding level who are in the area will see an invitation to the battle for this area in the chat.
In the same way, you can also join the fight by clicking on the "+" sign under the icon in the Abyss or on the button at the top of the screen.
Don't forget, warrior, that you must confirm within 10 minutes of their announcement at the battle for the area. After the time expires, the battle will begin and it will no longer be possible to enter it.
The race that wins the battle will get the Abyss in its possession for the next 4 hours, after which it will be possible to start a new battle for that area. If there is no battle around this location within 2 hours, it will become a neutral territory for the next 3 hours.
At the locations of the Abyss and the neighboring places in the lower left corner of the screen an icon is displayed, which allows you to get information about the status of the Abyss. The color of the border around the location icon indicates who owns this area at the moment: blue - humans, red - magmars, white - neutral.
Note, warrior: in the Abyss locations it is impossible not to summon Otherworld creatures.
The battles for the Abyss and Hand of the sky have begun, glorious defenders of Feo. The time has come to take the blades and in the language of fury, steel, blood and lava to prove that yours - the strongest!


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