Magic Clover
Many plants in Faeo possess magic powers - various potions and elixirs are prepared using them. There are plants, the mystery of which were not yet discovered. Magic Clover, that brings luck is one of such  plants.

Everybody knows, that the clover brings luck to those, who wishes to find great riches. Thus, each time the clover blooms the true hunt for the plant begins - take part in it too, so that your continent will never see poverty!
Clovers Level of tasks
14 Equal to yours
6 1 lvl below yours
3 2 lvl below yours
2 3 lvl below yours
1 4 lvl below yours
Attention! Clover is given as a reward only for those daily quests, for which you receive City Charter.
Winners in the battle for clover, who collect the greatest number of clovers, will be rewarded with great prizes at the end of the event! Best collectors will receive gold pots, that increase the amount of gold that one receives at the end of the fights and gifts too. 

Attention! Shop will be available during the week after the end of the event and results announcement.
Moreover, at the Curiosities shop you will be able to exchage clovers for food and gifts:
Reward Cost

By eating the food you will receive achievements:
Clover - a tasty treat!Innkeeper, 100 portions of clover!Once you taste clover you just can't stop!Nearly a thousand portions of cloverHide the clover - I am coming!Is there any clover left in Faeo? I will finish it at dinner!Legendary clover eater


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