Invisibility is a neutral effect, which does not affect the combat characteristics, but allows you to hide some of the information about your character.





The effect of invisibility hides the real nickname  of a character in the following areas:


  • in battle,
  • in list of players on the location
  • in  chat when using effects on other characters
  • in system message about the leaders of the great battle
  • in battles at Hand of Abyss 





Invisibility does give several unique attributes:


  • In combat, players do not see the character's equipment under the invisibility effect
  • List of current effects in the character information is hidden
  • In character information and other interfaces the character is displayed as not present in game
  • Other players can not apply target effects to "Invisible" (for example, it is impossible to apply a mirror , attack, etc. unless you know the player's name for some other reason)
  • Monsters do not attack when mining resources
  • When calling the own Shadow, it displays  name of the person who called shadow, even if the character is invisible

To become invisible, there are several ways: acquiring an elixir or charm at the trade fair, using a pack of military ranks, obtaining as a reward for completing quests.









Attention!  The effect of invisibility only can be activated on the territory of player’s own race or on neutral lands which do not belong to any race. If the player moves under the effect of invisibility to enemy territory or enters any instance, the effect will be dispelled.



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