Mystic Reputation

Available: From level 8 

Restrictions: Secret Knowledge 25

Initiation Maritsa the Witch or  Bludiara the Fortune-teller.


Description: The Mystic Trail runs through a fog, full of ghosts and blurry visions. The mentor for the new reputation is also unusual - the little girl  Kari, in whose veins flows both the blood of Humans and the lava of the Magmars. This young child spent centuries in a magical dream and has infinite knowledge.


The path of the mystic begins after completing two quests.

First you must help  Bludiara and  Maritsa find  Kari in the quest "First Step on the Path of the Mystic". Having found a new home with the soothsayer,  Kari is trying to remember the past. She is very grateful for the shelter and wants to help the prophets . On the task "When the Magic Orb is Powerless",  the girl tries to use her mystical powers.

After that, the girl will begin to give you daily tasks to exterminate various monsters and superbeings from magic scrolls. The reward will be an increase in Mystic's reputation and improved versions of well-known universal blessings.

Fulfilment of Kari’s daily requests on the “Mystic First Aid” assignment will bring the warrior 5-10 points of Mystic reputation.



Depending on your reputation level, certain resource sets will be required to create Kari’s magic scroll.



Resource Sets





200  200  20

20  50  50


400  20  20100


400  40  100


200  200  20

20  50  50



200  200  20

20  50  50



200  200  20 

20  50  50


The recurring quest "Mystic First Aid" consists of two parts. When completing the first part, the warrior is rewarded 5 points of Mystic reputation. If the warrior finishes both stages, their reputation will increase by 10 points.


As the player’s reputation grows, the monsters  Kari asks for changes. The monsters that Kari asks for will be randomized from the specified stage and reputation that the player has.  The following are possible monsters at different stages, depending on the level of the Mystic Reputation. 



Monsters in tasks




Part One Part Two
up to 1000



up to 2000



up to 3000




In addition to the Mystic's reputation points,  Kari will present bags with fragments of sets. A complete set of parts will make it possible to obtain an artifact.These artifacts will increase the characteristics of the warrior for a certain time.


 Kari will give the fragments in order, so when the player has  performed 5 tasks,  they will become the owner of an artifact. 


Kari’s Collections

Reputation Fragments
Up to 1000

From 1000

to 2000

From 2000

to 3000




Upon reaching a certain level of Mystic's reputation, the warrior will be awarded special medal. These medals are restricted based on the player’s level. 








8 - -
9 500
9 1000
10 2000
11 3000
11 Quest




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