Carnival of Masks

If you are in a good mood, there is always a reason to celebrate! That is what the tireless entertainers and cheerful stunners, who amuse Faeo residents with their performances think.


The beautiful Nadilarie, who cannot stand the boredom and dismay, and the cheerful Sheamus, a man, who exchanged his satisfied life for the chainless travels with the troop tradesmen, decided to cheer up the residents of   Ogriy and  Khair with the exciting event – carnival!


Carnival of masks
Carnival of masks




What Carnival can happen without the masks? Talk to  Nadilarie or to  Sheamus – they will tell you, where you will be able to find parts to create masks. 

You won't be able to complete their tasks alone though! Communicate with your friends, exchange information, help the newbies... In the end, carnival is held for friendly communication.  As a result you will be generously rewarded - you will be able to choose one of the great masks, created with your help.



To get the unique achievements of the event series as soon as possible - don't forget to participate in the creation of masks at every carnival.


Mask, I know you! Three masks are better than one! Masquerade is a mask parade! Being masked is my destiny



But, even after obtaining the reward, you souldn't relax! After all, carnival masks are needed for all warriors without exception. Keep collecting the necessary resources and get collectible masks in return.





In the rarity shop you can buy a Sack of Red Axes Emblems and a Sack of Gems for these masks. The first bag contains 15 "Red Axes" badges, and the second - 50 rainbow gems. Please note that each store visitor cannot buy more than 1 bag of each type for masks . The remaining masks can be exchanged for presents. By the way, regulars of the fair know the charming sparkle of the brilliants and don't mind exchanging them for a few bags of gems or signs .





Remember, you can purchase no more than 10 of the same gift


Event is available for warriors of 3 level and higher.


The fate of the carnival is in your hands!




Last updated: June 2023



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