Battle Pass

In Faeo there are various Legendary Gods. To pay homage to those gods, special Events are held. Gather resources, slay monsters and fight other warriors to earn points to gain amazing rewards! Most notably Magical Plates which can be used to strengthen your armour!



Other rewards also include various goods that will surely come in handy for all warriors! Including Spark of the Heavenly Fires, Mithril Key and various blessings!


The Passes



Please note: To participate, you will need a special battle pass. There are two types of passes, Gold and Premium each with its own rewards for progression. The Gold Pass is available for purchase in the Premium Shop and, for a limited time only, will be automatically credited to all players from level 4 upon logging into the game. The Premium Pass will be available for purchase in the Bundles section of the Bank. Those who own both passes will receive the rewards for both reward tracks at the same time. If you purchase a second pass after you have already completed part of the first track, you will be able to receive the rewards you've already passed with one click!




How it Works


By completing the daily tasks, you will be given points. Each task gives the same amount of points, but to make sure you get as many rewards as possible you will want to complete as many of those tasks as you can. The daily tasks will refresh at 4:00 server time.




Every level you complete you'll be able to collect a reward. Owners of the Premium pass will gain extra rewards on each level. If you are afraid that you cannot reach the level that you want, you have the option to buy progress for Diamonds. Each level costs a set amount of diamonds.




You can follow the progress of the individual tasks by checking the message in the chat.






If you manage to finish all the levels don't stop, as there are extra repeatable rewards after finishing the pass.



Last updated: October 2023



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