Periodically, Faeo holds a remarkable action - a closed auction, where everyone has the opportunity to win rare and extremely powerful items in a special auction.
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Rules of the auction:

The auction takes place over a set period of time (one day or several days), at the end of which a winner is determined. During the auction period, each player can make as many bids as he wants, which are not visible to the other bidders. The winner of the auction is the one who has made the smallest unique bid at the moment the auction ends. In this way, a player who makes a relatively small bet, but calculates its size so that no other player makes that bet, remains the winner of the auction. Thus, one does not necessarily need to raise excessive funds to get the bid.

Stakes are deducted immediately and are non-refundable, so consider your chances of winning carefully before placing your bid.

To get to the closed auction bidding overview, click the "Auction" button in the top menu, the "Closed Auction" section is the last tab on the right:

You will see a list of bids and useful information about them, such as the end of the auction, the bidding step (you cannot place a bid that is lower or not divisible by the step, for example, for the step 25 silver the following bids are accessible: 25 silver, 50 silver, 75 silver, etc.), the report of your bids already placed and the button to participate in the auction. As long as the auction is active, the button says "Place bid", after the auction ends, the button is labeled "Offer ended", at this point clicking on it calls up the statistics of the auction. In the special case that at the moment of auction ending a winner cannot be determined (no unique bid), the button says "Waiting for extension".

You need the bidding window in two cases - when you want to place a bid (for that you need to enter the bid amount and click the "Place bid" button) and when you want to view the statistics of your bids for a bid. To ensure maximum transparency of the auction, part of the information will be revealed after it ends: you will find out the winner's bid (and you can compare it with yours) and also the first three participants who placed the same bid as you.


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