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You can level up the Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes Reputation in battles in the Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes.

Your goal
: defeat the team of the enemy via the capture and destruction of the enemy's base.
Team size: 7 people
Description: You will be transferred to the location of Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes in a team of 7. Each of you will have to choose one character class, which you will play for. Character classes may be repeated among your team members, however we recommend to choose different classes in order to increase your chances to win.

For victory in the battlefield you will get 20 reputation points. For loss, draw or if you exit the battlefield in progress you will lose 10 points.

Reputation rewards









More info will come at a later date


More info will come at a later date

After acquiring enough reputation for the corresponding Medal you will no longer drop below the reputation threshold: for example, if you already have 1000 reputation points you cannot drop below that number even if you lose in the instance.

In Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes you will have to develop chosen characters via upgrading their stats and purhcasing new items for Token of Forgotten Heroes, which you will be able to get when killing monsters inside the dungeons.

Instance is available for players of level 3 and higher.

Please read the description of the available classes of the characters with their skills and spells here.


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