It's Chocolate time
In the taverns of  Voluptuous Mary and  Givens you can always find a cozy room for the night, good food or a few glasses of intoxicating drinks in the company of good friends. The hosts try to spoil the visitors with unusual dishes, that's why they look for interesting recipes everywhere in Faeo.

Recently, the innkeepers caught a foreign Recipe for cooking hot chocolate.

Important! Only warriors who have reached the 3rd level can participate.
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Important! There must be 1 piece of each ingredient.
When  Mary and  Givens realized the delicious taste of the drink and its beneficial properties, they decided to organize a real chocolate festival. But where to get the exotic ingredients?! Fortunately for the innkeepers and unfortunately for the merchant who sailed from a distant land, during the journey to the capital, the convoys with products for cooking the sweet drink were overturned, and all their contents were eaten by ravenous monsters or looted by bandits. But the cunning  Mary and  Givens have decided to lure the warriors in search of the ingredients and promised all who help to serve a delicious drink! The products can be found after the victory in the battles on the battlefields and hunting monsters.
Battlefield Ingredients quantity
Arenas and Vaults 1 random ingredientt
Temple and Tallaar 2 random ingredient
Caves 4 random ingredient

Important! The monster's level should not be more than 1 lower, equal to yours or higher. For the victory in the Quick Caves, you get 2 random ingredients.
Come to the tavern  «Mary's Tavern» and  «Gurraldiy's Head Pub» and the friendly innkeepers will tell you how much and what ingredients are needed. And if you manage to collect everything that is needed, then Mary and  Givens will prepare especially for you a cup of hot chocolate, which after drinking will increase your life force by 10% for exactly 1 hour.

Important! The effect starts to work at the beginning of the first fight.

During the chocolate event, sweet chocolate gifts appear in the stores of the capital.

Mmm! Hot Chocolate Chocolate Treat Chocolate Gourmand Chocolate Soul Chocolate Tyrant

If you participate in the event, you will get unique achievements!


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