Detachments of Humans and Magmars, wishing to protect their native lands from the raids of merciless orcs, once forgot about centuries of hostility and joined forces to fight the common enemy. This is how the legendary «Night Stealers» clan was born. For many decades, despite the bitter confrontation of the races, mercenaries managed to maintain friendly relations and mutual respect within the brotherhood.
In memory of the glorious days of the birth of the clan, when the village militiamen waged war against the orc tribes, the mercenaries decided to establish a special tournament and show that by acting together one can win any battle

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The conditions of the «Brotherhood of the Brave» competition are simple. Any member that has been part of the clan for more than 2 weeks can participate in it.


Warriors will receive points for winning Great Battles, as well as for winning on the Battlefields. These points that Elusive Shuan and Phinko the Sage jokingly call Orc Heads will accumulate on the clan's account.

The amount of points on the clan's account is renewed daily. Clan points are summed up throughout the entire event. Participants will receive the following amoint of points for winning Great Battles on Plateau of Silence, Ancient Plateau*, Haunted Place, Fortress of Captivity,and Ship Graveyard:
* - in case Ancient Plateau is available during the event.
Character level Required damage Points
7-8 From 800 and above 10
9-10 From 1200 and above 10
11-12 From 2000 and above 10
13-14 From 2500 and above 10
15-16 From 3000 and above 10
17+ From 3500 and above 10


Attention!  To increase the characteristics of the clan's Orc Heads when participating in the Great Battles you need to be part of the clan for more than 2 weeks.


For winning on the Meridian Vaults and battlefields: Crystalline Caves, Ancient Temple, Arena, Arena of Equals, Temple of Equals and Caves of Equals you will receive the «Gold Atshi» characteristic.


For winning on battlefields clan members will receive the following amount of characteristic points:
Character level Caves Temple Arena
3-4 From 1 to 25 points From 1 to 20 points From 1 to 10 points
5-10 From 2 to 75 points From 2 to  60 points From 2 to 30 points
11+ From 5 to 125 points From 5 to 100 points From 5 to 50 points

For winning on Meridian Vaults  clan members will receive the following amount of characteristic points:

Points amount «Gold Atshi» amount
5 - 15 10
16 - 40 20
41 - 90 50
91 - 130 75
131 + 100

«Gold Atshi» characteristic points in Crystalline Caves are received for killing players of the opposite race and for delivering energy crystals .
«Gold Atshi» characteristic points in Arena and Temple are received for the amount of points that you brought to your team .
«Gold Atshi» characteristic points are awarded after leaving the won battlefield .
«Gold Atshi» characteristic points can be exchanged for points by talking to Elusive Shuan and Phinko the Sage through the Brotherhood of the Brave Contest quest.
After 3 weeks, the 5 strongest clans on the server that have gained the most Orc Heads with the efforts of their warriors will be declared winners, and their leaders will recieve the following rewards:


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place

5th place


All the members of these clans that have been part of the clan for more than 2 weeks by the end of the event will receive a unique Aranag mount for a month:
5-8 level players will receive a  Jade Aranag [10]
9-11 level players will receive a  zurian Aranag [13]
12+ level players will receive a  Purple Aranag  [16]
Mounts abilities:
Ability Action
Removes the enemy's healing effect. Can be used twice per battle with1 minute interval.

+ 500/+900/+2000 streadfastness to its owner and 2 allies for 4 moves. Can be used 3 times per battle.

Removed with Scrolls of Antimagic

Deals 60/90/120 instant damage and the enemy's stamina by 400/1000/2500 for 5/7/7 moves. Can be used 3 times per battle.

Can be dispelled with a Scroll of Charm Dispersal



Also, all the participants of the winning clans will receive Aranag food for 300 battles.

We draw your attention to the fact that during the  «Brotherhood of the Brave»  event the reward for completing Unity Crystal clan activities will be doubled !
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Take part in the «Brotherhood of the Brave» competition and prove that your clan is a united and powerful force!


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