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September 2022






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August 2022

Winner Manga: -Gwenevere- 





Story: -Stromae


How I Met Your Dad


Once upon two months ago, two young magmars were working on a huge collected milfoil order in tomb of kings. both members of fightclub clan trying to make ends meet. During the long nights, healing each other's splinters and wallowing in their missery, a friendship developed under the dim lights of the graves. Let me jump ahead to the bulk of the story , the part that has been the best experience for me in the game - the wedding. So the proposal was made by the gentleman and my reply was "hell yeah I would".


While i was picking milfoils or fire flowers or doing naked hunting with my loyal PCZ, my future husband made all the arrangements to the wedding. He bought the most outstanding ring ,for 200G no less, he spoke with... i dont even know what he did, but he got everything done. All i had to do is agree to the date and be there. The big day has finally arived. I did not have 1g for the wedding dress and i was too embarased to ask for a loan, so i showed up at my wedding wearing nothing but boots, because i was injured from hunting... my husband was flawless in his groom's white suit. I was excited and nervous and was just waiting for the ceremony to start.


It was supposed to start at 19:00 sharp, and it was already 19:04... but i waited patiently for it to start. Then i got a few private messages, from the guests and from the gentleman who i was marrying, asking whether i am ok and if there was anything wrong. "Of course i am ok", i said. " Then say "i do"... "In which channel?' ... "On main chat" .. "Oh..." Missing the entire ceremony, i switched main chat on and said "I do". Been happily married since. Coming naked to my wedding and missing my wedding ceremony was my best experience in the game so far .




Want to build a sandcastle?



July 2022

Winner: V3n3no





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